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One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer

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A Diamond in the Rough...

One21 – The Recruitment Outsourcer is a Tauranga based, locally owned and operated business optimizing recruitment outsourcing services to global standards. We work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis, get an in-depth understanding of their culture and future goals and provide the resources to add value to their hiring process as a 'Recruitment Process Outsourcer'.  

One21 is a bit different from the traditional recruitment agency model, with a dedicated consultant available to be hired either on an hourly basis or for a fixed fee contracted for the full process, we either exclusively manage the complete job vacancy or work alongside the HR or Hiring Managers assisting with tasks that they don't have the time to do, or would simply benefit from outsourcing to a professional.

We use the latest tools, online technology, targeted selection interview techniques, psychometric profiling, cloud based applicant tracking systems, social media and job advertising mediums, comprehensive reference checking, along with our extensive networks and creative marketing to attract the right people and help our clients make well informed choices. 

We collaborate with other agencies for hard to fill technical roles and also outsource to both national and international recruitment agencies and global organisations that need someone on the ground in New Zealand to look after their recruiting needs. We are always happy to share fees if another recruitment agency provides the winning candidate or vice versa, as it is our job to put the best person in the job - no matter where they come from.

We are flexible, adaptable and open to considering any collaboration ideas with business partners around the world. And, as we often work as a contractor under another agency or companies brand, we are just considered one of their team - in fact you may not even be aware One21 is behind the scenes running the process.

What does this mean for our clients? We are more effective in terms of cost, time and getting results. Our fee does not fluctuate with a candidate’s salary. Our clients pay for the service not the placement, therefore we are not just after a quick fix to make a quick buck, and we are only interested in providing long-term sustainable solutions to meet our clients hiring needs. Basically we are on the ‘same page’ as our clients in terms of what we all want to achieve and getting the right person in the job is what drives us.



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Flying solo, fledgling start-up recruitment business - One21 is a young 'David' daring to do things differently from the 'Goliaths'... One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer dares to be different by thinking outside the square and looking for alternative ways to do things; using the latest in technology; working smarter, not harder; collaborating with our competitors, being 'fleet footed' with the ability to work remotely from any location; remaining light on expenses and keeping overheads to a minimum; by being creative with online marketing and networking, utilising social media to reach out to more people and widen the window of opportunity to source top people for our roles, and by being transparent about what we do and how we do it.

And, by breaking down the traditional recruitment agency fee structures, we are making professional recruitment services accessible to any business - whatever their budget and requirements may be.

One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer is a Tauranga based, global reaching recruitment consultancy looking after businesses and their employees, hiring and sourcing talent for clients around New Zealand and providing Outplacement Support and Recruitment services for national and international organisations and agencies who need a ‘person on the ground’ in the Bay of Plenty region.

One21 offers a professional, affordable and personalised recruitment outsourcing service, with a reputation for providing long term, effective and sustainable employment solutions, One21 aims to help businesses grow to optimum performance through gaining, training and retaining their most important asset, their people.

Not just after a ‘quick fix’ we make sure the part we play in getting new people on board is done the right way, the first time around. Business Owner Kirsty Morrison also has a passion for helping job seekers put their ‘best foot forward’ with professionally formatted CV’s, by being well informed and prepared, and by making sure they are given the best support and opportunity to shine and prove themselves in their new roles. 

All candidates are treated with respect and those who are not successfully placed are provided with tips on how to apply for jobs and where else to go for professional assistance. One21 takes pride in providing an effective service to organisations who engage their recruitment services in terms of cost, time, efficiency, sourcing the best talent available, finding the right 'fit factor' and getting the best long-term results. 

It is this versatility, flexibility and adaptability to change and meet both our clients and the ever changing job market needs that has helped One21's small 'one man band' become a David against all the Goliaths!

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