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Entrant: Mela Ltd

City: Carterton


About My Business

Mela presses only the freshest, crunchiest New Zealand apples we can get our giant apple crushing hands on. We are family owned and operated and we press our juice by single variety from 100% New Zealand apples. In a response to a market heavily dominated by beverages containing added sugar and caffeine, Mela provides a healthy alternative. Mela juices have no sugar added, are preservative free, and contain no genetically modified ingredients.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Once upon a time many moons ago ... when dinosaur prints were still seen in the snow, there was an apple grower called Andrew Wright, who got a fright in the night, leaped out of bed (fully dressed), and announced 'there are no juices freshly pressed!' He set to work the next day, shirt un tucked, hair a mess converting an old shed into an apple press. The years went by, the business grew, when son-in-law Brian came into the stew, the reigns from Andrew he did took, and he gave Mela a brave new look, still freshly pressed, but for some notoriety, he separated the juice by variety! If you think our juice might be a Rolls-Royce Vote for us for Peoples Choice!

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