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Entrant: Go to Girl Ltd

City: Auckland


About My Business

Go to Girl Ltd is all about "helping the people who help the people" to Amplify their Impact and change the World for Good. Done-for-you Networking, Events, Speaking, Coaching, Connections, Collaborations and Courage for impact-driven entrepreneurs, individuals and organisations. By helping fellow business owners, coaches, counsellors, practitioners and parents to amplify their own impact, I can in turn amplify mine as well. Go to Girl helps people with connections, visibility and confidence to Up their brave, say what they want and make it happen!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Born out of my love of connecting people, fuelling discussion and encouraging growth, Go to Girl started out 10 years ago as a business coffee group that I was doing for free. It became a business when one day (having moved to Auckland after losing our house, a job and having a baby during the Christchurch earthquake) my husband eloquently asked me: "Can you charge these ladies because financially we're going backwards". So I added a price tag and that was officially the start of my business. Aptly named Go to Girl because people were always asking me "Nat do you know someone who..." and I usually did and I would introduce them. Perhaps coming from Canada in my 20's (although being 100% kiwi by blood) I knew what it was like to have to start over so I like to help people to connect for a win-win or mutual gain. So while I've always been a super-connector, the focus of Go to Girl as a business has shifted and evolved overtime. About 3 years ago I niched to working primarily with speakers or people who 'wanted to use their voice' in terms of coaching and programs but with my own speaking and my keynote messages the audience broadened. The people in the chairs now are anyone who helps others and wants to have more impact. I recently had someone hire me to speak because she said "it says on your website that you help the people who help the people and that's what we need". Interestingly in the last 6 months I've come full circle in a way. I started off as a parenting author and now I have gravitated back to not only having a lot of parenting coaches as clients but to creating a video series and now a live event series called 'Thriving Teens & Tweens' focussed on equipping and empowering parents and caregivers. I love that I get to help speakers and coaches to get their message and insights out to the people that need to hear them. I also love that it's not all down to me. I can and we can all Amplify and Maximise our own impact by empowering and collaborating with others. I'm so proud that thousands of Kiwi business owners have connected either through me or a Go to Girl Networking event and the magic that has come out of it. THAT is what Go to Girl is all about. Empowered connections, and exponential positive impact to change the world for Good.

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