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Entrant: MyCarYourRental

City: Auckland


About My Business

100% Pure Kiwi Peer 2 Peer car rental platform. MyCarYourRental allows private Kiwis to rent cars from each other. A bit like Airbnb, but for cars :) We provide insurance, payment gateway and everything, so the only thing our users need to do is make their car available for others to use. In addition to this our AirParker service has recently been added to the concept. Here smart Kiwis can park for free at Auckland Airport and even get an income while travelling, see link for further info:

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Looking through the entries here, what other business gives so much back to the community? Being a true Peer to Peer car rental platform (a marketplace where users can connect to rent cars of each other), we're allowing car owners all across New Zealand to generate an income from their car instead of just getting expenses from it. In average, about 70% of the rental income goes back to the car owner, not bad, aye? For the renter, they also get more than they expect. The convenience of being able to collect a car around the corner (with 1700 cars across NZ there is one near you) to better deals on the rental price, there is not really an excuse to rent from a bit cooperate any longer. Finally, we're saving the world, one car at a time. When a car that is already produced and not being used by it's the owner is suddenly rented out, we take a traditional rental car off the road meaning less produced and imported cars - just what NZ needs!

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