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Entrant: Viviers Beauty

City: Tokoroa


About My Business

In my business I provide for the ladies in my community a safe high standard of Beauty and Nail services. I also help up coming nail technicians by educating ladies to become qualified Nail Technicians that are aware of safe workmanship on all clients. Spreading the education is key to our industry thriving in a safe and effective way. Along with these things I am also the NZ distributor for the Emendee workstations which is a table that helps keep nails technicians safe from the dust they are around on a daily basis. Health and safety for both the client and the nail technician.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

People's choice how cool is that! Your vote counts. My little business sitting in my cabin painting nails and waxing lady bits is all people see. But I'm more than that I'm a Wife, a mum, an educator, a multiple sclerosis fighter! A therapist to so many who sit in my seat across from me. If you know you know Vote for my little business for people's choice

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