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Entrant: Mud Mates

City: Napier


About My Business

As parents, it seems that all we do is wash wet and muddy clothing and change our children's clothing. If only there was a better way... Well, there is. Mud Mates was created to provide parents with a range of NZ-made protective clothing to help keep their children's clothes clean and dry. With parents no longer needing to spend hours doing the washing, they are able to enjoy spending more time with their kids. Gone also are the worries that playing outside or doing messy activities would ruin clothing and make more work for Mum! We're Mud Mates: we make being a parent of a messy kid easy.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

If you're a parent, or know someone who is, you'll understand just how busy and stressful life can be. Kids attract mess, be it mud, paint, glue, water and even food. We totally get that it can be frustrating to have to change your child's clothing every five minutes because they sat in a puddle or tipped the paint pot over themselves. We also know being a parent is a wonderful thing and there's nothing better than spending time with your child. It's the time and the freedom of worry that we give back to parents that deserves a vote for us for the People's Choice! Our protective clothing (handcrafted right here in NZ) gives kids the chance to be kids and run in the rain, jump in the puddles and roll in the mud - all without the worry that their clothing will get wet or ruined. If you believe that kids should be kids and enjoy being messy, then we'd appreciate your vote for Mud Mates!

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