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Entrant: Draper Cormack Group

City: Wellington


About My Business

Draper Cormack Group is a PR firm, but not just a PR firm. We help individuals and companies tell their stories so they can raise their profile, grow their businesses, and celebrate those successes - so good! We also help organisations talk properly to their staff so they don't come across as weird comms bot people, leaving everyone rolling their eyes and talking in the lift on the way to lunch about "how dumb" the bosses email to "all staff" was. Sometimes we have to play business janitor, and clean up a communications mess. This is usually where someone has jumped the gun and said a bunch of things they probably shouldn't have said. It's not about covering up mistakes, but showing businesses and individuals how to proceed after a mistake has been made - that's where the gold is in the work we do. We know we're a bit different to other PR firms. But by us being ourselves is how we've grown our business to where we are today. Our down to earth and real approach to our work is what is most loved by our clients who come back to us for advice and support year on year. We're a PR firm, but not just a PR firm.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Our PR firm Draper Cormack Group absolutely stands for true work life balance, and zero bullshit in the work we do. It's pretty obvious to us that our industry that seems to thrive on stress isn't going to change organically, and so it's up to us to show businesses and organisations that it can be done. We can deliver amazing work that surprises and delights our clients, and yet at the same time, not make our staff and others feel rubbish in the process. By you choosing us for one of your peoples choice options, you are standing with us that awful places to work, with angry and intimidating bosses is not something to tolerate any longer. Just imagine as an employee at your own place of work, being trusted to get on with the work instead of having someone breathe over your shoulder, or criticise and gaslight you. Imagine not worrying if your child or partner are sick and you need to stay home with them. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you will be respected and welcomed and empowered to be yourself at work, instead of masking who you are. These are the things that are critical to our success, and if we can inspire just one organisation to give it a try, then that is worth celebrating.

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