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Entrant: Shut Up & Dance

City: Wellington


About My Business

Shut Up & Dance is a dance class teaching routines inspired by films, musicals or music video, but we don't use mirrors, or allow photos or videos of our classes. And, if you're clumsy and uncoordinated like us, you'll feel right at home with simple but satisfying choreography. From Britney to the Bee Gees to Beyonce, every class is different and a surprise as well, so know-it-all-Nina up the front is just as clueless as you. Our dance classes aren't like a traditional dance class and we're not very technical - the focus is on how you feel, not how you look. Shut Up & Dance is the dance class to allow freak flags to fly, ex-dancers to groove without anxiety and wannabe performers to channel their inner diva. Sound a bit like a drug? Shut UP & Dance is basically your 45 minute dose of delusion.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

You should 100% vote for Shut Up & Dance in The People's Choice category because if we didn't make it on all the business-ey stuff, then we would absolutely nail it on the human-ey stuff. Our core business value is authenticity and being true to ourselves. Connection with our instructors, our customers and our community gives us the most joy and satisfaction, so we make an effort everywhere to give back to the people around us. Even as a small business, we've raised more than $4000 for charities in the last year, we are a repeated service at community events, we work with our local council to reach their goals and KPI's, we sponsor/gift what we can for local raffles and fundraisers and we operate at 90% paper-free (operations and advertising is nearly all virtual/online). Being an entirely wahine owned-and-operated organisation, every decision we make tends to have a female-centred/holistic approach where we often find ourselves carefully evaluating and considering the impact that our company and the decisions we make might have on the world around us, today, or years from now. We just really care, you know?

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