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Entrant: Hayley Benseman

City: New Plymouth


About My Business

'Hayley Benseman' is a natural hand made skin care range made at home under Mount Taranaki. It is a skin care brand born from the need of a young NZ mother making ends meat, who yearned for beautiful natural products for her self and her family. With no money or experience this mother persevered and now sells exquisitely made skin care all over the country. Hi my name is Hayley! I am that mother and now business owner. I take my craft very seriously so each and every product that goes out has been formulated with a highly researched back ground with your needs and wants in mind. To give you a whole round enjoyable experience of smell and feel and to empower you to take time for self care and mindfulness. Aside from offering a high quality range of products - I am a passionate skin care advocate who inspires people to reconnect with nature and to use locally foraged ingredients for their own skin care preparations at home. So this is why my brand is my name in gold! To put your name on something translates to a promise of quality and of trust. A promise of perfection - of striving for gold - the best. Hayley Benseman

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Why vote for me? Because I represent a vast number of New Zealanders who have been brought up believing they are not good enough and lack any self esteem. I represent all the women who have had children young with little to no money and education but want to give their kids a safe and loving home. I represent the mother who wants to be the stay at home mum but who will supplement her families income by working from home. Vote for me if you think more people can and should stand on their own two feet and make a change in their own lives regardless of circumstances or finances. If that has not persuaded you enough - then vote for me as this business will give me the opportunity to inspire and teach women of any social demographic the basic knowledge to make skin care for her self or her family. To re establish the fundamental link we have lost with nature and how we can utilize it to benefit our mental and physical state. In a world that is so fast paced and full of stress and sickness - there needs to be a change in thinking and it is my passion to empower people to make simple changes for a better and healthier future. My business is for New Zealanders - it is for you Hayley x

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