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Entrant: The Snobby Collective

City: wanganui


About My Business

We are a specialty coffee collaborative inspired by the people behind the coffee and the desire to break down barriers through insight and understanding. Born of a love for coffee and fueled by the inspiring stories of helping our fellow man through direct trade initiatives, crowd funded community wet milling facilities and the gift of a dairy cow. We want to tell you a story, we suggest you get yourself a coffee for this one. A monthly specialty coffee subscription and coffee gift box service. Each month a different roaster, featuring single origin coffee, with a back story as amazing as it's flavour. The goal of the Snobby Collective is to take tasty single origin coffees and tell their story, the story of the people who grow and process the beans, and the story of the beans themselves. Coffee with a conversation. Connecting people through coffee. We want to introduce Kiwis to new coffee's and the people who produce them by personally filling their mailboxes with a small box of passion every month, made possible with the help of awesome Kiwi roasters who we admire, for not just their product, but for the values that they embrace like yourselves. Everything we do at the Snobby Collective is to highlight the many hands that coffee passes through in an effort to offer insight, create understanding and invoke change. It is our belief that if we can tell the story of the coffee, we can help people to understand that their purchasing habits can impact the lives for those in the coffee growing communities. We use our independent platform to select roasters who are doing good things for the coffee producers and their communities alike. Through featuring only single origin coffee, we can focus on smaller areas and tell a more in depth and unique story and showcase the unique attributes of the coffee. We look for the back story to the coffee, digging a little deeper than the basic website or tasting card blurb, to help people understand where this coffee came from and the people behind it. We include a photo that represents the coffee, a picture tells a thousand words after all. To show respect to the hard work put in by the many hands that produce these magic beans, we provide a brew recipe and recommended brew method for each release, ensuring you get the best out of your coffee, right from the first sip. We recommend our features for soft brewing to best enjoy the delicate flavour notes and accordingly we feature only filter roast profiles. We personally tested all of our coffees on multiple manual brewing methods including Aeropress, V60 and Chemex before being selected as our feature. With insight comes understanding, with understanding comes change.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

I started The Snobby collective as a relatively new comer to the coffee profession; a little over 2.5 years at the time of launch, the entirety of which had been in my own coffee cart, The Village Snob. It was the opportunity to be a benefactor to a community coffee project at El Fenix in Colombia that kick started my interest in the stories of where the coffee comes from and the lives of those who produce it. Moved by the dire situations the growers are in, I felt it my duty to help others understand. Recounting these stories to my customers I realized that people were genuinely interested and many moved by these stories. Upon making a throwaway comment in a Facebook business group, I was told to write a business plan. My mindset of those who don't think they can change the world, probably won't, saw it take just 10 weeks from that initial comment to business launch. I have taken my passion for coffee and desire to see the little guy get looked after and used my privileged situation of being born in the developed western world to create an independent platform in which to try to create change. To create this change, I have jumped in the deep end and started marketing the big boys in a way they've never been marketed before. All of whom have a far greater knowledge and connections that I do, many of whom I look up to with great admiration for their passion, achievements, innovation and most of all their ethics.

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