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Entrant: AJ Pipe

City: Napier


About My Business

You are fantastic with what you do for your customers and clients but you might not be as great with the business side of your business. Getting a solid foundation, a growth plan and most importantly actioning your plan so your business can work for you not you lost in your business. No one sets out with all the answers and it's never your intent to have no time to enjoy your success... step in me. I am The Business Owners Accountability Coach. With over a decade of business ownership, navigating the pitfalls of setting up, mind blocks and stagnating. I take that experience and help business owners keep going with logical steps and accountability to make sure action is taken. Throw in our fantastic Business Owner Weekend Retreats, really engaged business hub on Facebook and soon to launch business planner designed with Kiwi business owners in mind, our focus is to make life easier for the independent business owners of New Zealand.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

I'm entering my business into the People's Choice category so the amazing people in The Business Owners Hub (a free business owners engagement group on Facebook) have the opportunity to support my business. To showcase the fantastic things that can happen when you find your work family, even if you never meet them in real life. The wealth of knowledge and care shown by other business owners on the same journey really does make breaking out on yourown feel way less intimidating and being able to have a laugh with those who get it makes the hard times manageable and has kept several people from throwing in the towel. Even if you don't vote for me, please make sure you take time to find your work family. Thank you :-) My business is AJ Pipe - The Business Owners Accountability Coach "Lovingly Booting You Up The Bum To Get It Done." Taking the overwhelm of business, breaking into actionable steps and holding you accountable so your business can grow and work for the life you want.

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