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Entrant: Be Natural

City: Inglewood


About My Business

Be Natural is New Zealand's premium producer of pure castile liquid soap. We also produce natural solid soap bars of a high quality using only natural ingredients. We are a sustainable, ethical business with a strong focus on zero waste. Along with our production, we source and supply plastic free alternatives to home and living. We only source fair-trade ingredients, organic possible. We refuse to use palm oil including responsible palm oil. We are against testing on animals. Every decision we make is weighed up against the environmental impact it has and we advocate putting the health of the planet before convenience and before our own bottom line. We operate a social enterprise that advocates for the environment, supports our local community needs and assists in educating women in Nepal.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Be Natural is all about Pure, Safe and Simple. We believe in family first - and work from home to stay close to our roots, enjoy our own community and be present for family members. From home base we have created a premium liquid castile soap - the best in New Zealand, made with beautiful rainwater under the gaze of our Mounga, Taranaki. We are a zero waste business, every decision we make is around our impact on the environment and we have virtually no pressure on landfill. Our production waste is composted, reused in the community or composted. We focus our products on plastic free, sustainable and ethical. Be Natural produces a wonderful soap product, which nourishes and cares for skins of all types and is safe in our environment. We only use natural oils to create luxury products at affordable prices. This is our passion, and from here, we hope to grow to become renowned at NZ's premium castile soap. We also love to share our experience of soapmaking in the community with science focused lessons in the art of soapmaking. We all know how important handwashing and hygiene is - 2020 taught us that - support us to go further and get our soap into more peoples hands!

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