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Entrant: The Little Bone Broth Company

City: Christchurch


About My Business

Free range, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients, slow cooked for three days until you have small batch bone broth. What's bone broth? Perhaps you remember your parents or grandparents simmering down the carcass after a roast to make a stock for your next meal? Do that for three days to draw out all of the collagen, glycine, calcium and magnesium and you get bone broth. That's exactly what we do. We could spend ages talking about all the amazing vitamins and minerals you'll find in our bone broth., but just as important is what's not in it. No additives or preservatives, and very little sodium. So if you add our bone broth to your gravy or risotto in place of stock or water, your family is getting all the health benefits without that artificial stuff. Our bone broth is made ready to drink, and is packed with flavour as well as goodness. Many people drink our bone broth as a tonic or supplement to boost their immunity and digestive systems, ease aching joints, or because they want healthier skin and nails. Whether you're looking to improve your family's health, or pack more flavour into your cooking, you can't go wrong with The Little Bone Broth Company.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

The Little Bone Broth Company is bringing back a lost art. Our customers tell us that a parent or grandparent would often boil down the chicken carcass after a Sunday roast to make stock for the week. Sadly, in the new 'instant age' we live in, the classic family Sunday roast is more of a special occasion meal than a family tradition, and fewer people are spending the time to boil down the bones. Our Bone Broth takes your cooking to the next level, at the same time, filling it with vitamins and nutrients that boost your immune system, gut health, and give you healthier nails and skin. Our popularity is down to using quality ingredients, cooked with time and love. It's that simple. No additives, no preservatives, none of the high sodium or salt levels you'll find in other processed stocks or broths. Our bone broth is all-natural, good food that's great for you. That's why people love it. If you've tried our Bone Broth, met us at a supermarket tasting or come by the Riccarton Bush Market's on a Saturday, we'd love your vote! Vote The Little Bone Broth Company for People's Choice Award.

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