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Entrant: Paintvine

City: Auckland


About My Business

Picture this' You're sitting at your favourite bar, enjoying a drink from the confines of a bar leaner. There's a distinct buzz of excitement and anticipation circling the room and you peek over your shoulder and lay witness to 30+ people dressed in aprons. They're holding nothing more than a paintbrush in one hand, and a pinot in the other. Staring back at them is a blank canvas, and a palette of different colour paints. You fervently survey the room over the next hour, and watch as people paint, laugh and explore a creative side that has often been dormant for years. The artist leading the session easily purveys instructions, and the 30 or so painters take to completing instructions as though their lives depend on it. The anticipation and excitement that once filled the room has quickly dissolved into focus & relaxation. Not more than two hours later, a feeling of joy washes over as you lay witness to the beautiful artwork that has been created and the surprise on people's face on being able to replicate the masterpiece on display. You leave content, but wondering how you can join in on the fun next week. Welcome to Paintvine! Paintvine is a fun twist on a familiar concept; it's an art class, but in a bar. Paintvine was created back in June 2017 to bring the joy of creativity back into focus in New Zealand's nightlife. We wanted to create something that would compete with what people would typically do on a night out. The unique blend of creativity and conversation that painting & drinking brings about was a concept that intrigued the three of us. Having seen the success of PaintNite in the US (now called Yay Maker), we knew there was a real demand for people wanting to do something unique outside of just dinner & drinks with friends.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We're fueled by the desire to deliver new and exciting experiences for Kiwi's across the entire nation. Winning this award will help us in gaining the recognition and reach that Paintvine needs in order to help deliver these unique experiences to make New Zealand a truly amazing place to live.

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