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Entrant: Eskimo Nell

City: Tasman


About My Business

Eskimo Nell is more than just a t-shirt brand. It is a way for ALL women to be part of the global mamahood and Girl Power movement! To wear a piece of their true badassery like a badge of honour - even if they're still working on finding that spark again. Most importantly, Eskimo Nell is a reminder that everything you need is within you already.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Here's to all the Ladies out there - the BADASS BABES! Eskimo Nell is about YOU! It is about us gals knowing that we are Stronger Together and that sometimes all you need is an epic T-shirt to make you feel like you're invincible. The Eskimo Nell community is growing every day so jump on board the rollercoaster babes and vote for us in the People's Choice Award so that we can take our message of GIRL POWER to every woman that needs to hear that she is incredible and that she matters.

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