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Entrant: Tradie HR

City: Auckland


About My Business

Getting the people stuff right is critical to Tradie HR, a unique service aimed at New Zealand trades businesses. Being in trades is a tough industry - it's competitive, it's huge hours, it can feel lonely, and there's little support. A number of NZ trades businesses run lean and often the 'people stuff ' - the human resources function - is a low priority. I created Tradie HR because of my energy and passion for HR, businesses and trades. I'm also about doing things right and helping people enjoy what they do. At Tradie HR we believe that if your team aren't your greatest business advantage, they should be. That is why our services are focused on three really important areas: HR Essentials: Developing employment contracts, contractor agreements, job descriptions and policies. People Strategy: Developing a better culture and team motivation so we assist with performance management, development plans, and reward and recognition initiatives. Problem Solving: Providing common sense advice with trusted solutions for handling poor performance, absenteeism, problem behaviours, and general HR advice. Businesses can so often forget what I call the people stuff. Having grown up in forestry headquarters around the country, and having family and friends involved in all manner of trades-based businesses over the years, I have seen that robust HR support and advice was often an expensive after thought. That's because what I call 'good HR' is often invisible, it regularly takes a back seat behind more visible functions such as sales, marketing, and health and safety. It's not a case of one being more important than the other, - it's working together to add value and help businesses build workplace environments where everyone is working together to create a winning culture and winning results. At Tradie HR we want our clients and their employees to look forward to going to work each day and go home in a better state than when they arrived. How cool would that be?

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Do what you love and love what you do. How many people working in NZ can say they love their work and are happy in their workplace? At Tradie HR we do more than just employment contracts and policies, - we aim to help those small to medium sized businesses get their people stuff right by creating cool places to work. I started Tradie HR largely because of my cousin Kevin who is a builder. Kevin owns his own construction company and really didn't understand anything about employment law or what HR policies he should have. He didn't know how to have effective one to one's with his team and when I mentioned development plans his eyes would glass over. Then Kevin's tradie friends starting calling and I realised there was a real need to help the small to medium sized trades businesses ' those that don't require a full time HR resource but need someone to turn to for that much needed, non-judgemental, and affordable support. At Tradie HR we love educating and coaching trades business owners and their managers to do the right thing by their people. We help them create safe, healthier and more engaging workplaces for their teams so that their people have meaningful work to do in a positive environment with practical opportunities for growth and learning. Imagine a workplace where employees are encouraged to speak and share their ideas without the fear of reprisals. Research has shown that managers who encourage and foster open communication and transparency enjoy the benefit of creativity, innovation, and engaged employees. At Tradie HR we love giving our clients and their managers the tools to be able to make that happen. From running employee engagement surveys through to 'Have your say' workshops our clients continue to experience amazing results. I am driven to help as many tradie businesses as I can. Sometimes this extends to helping them at odd hours such as when a client was really struggling emotionally after having to restructure their business. They had lost some large clients and had to let some of their long-standing employees go. We spoke on the phone for hours one night as the enormity of what had to be done hit my client hard. I was able to calm him down and reassure him that the process we would follow would be done with dignity and his employees would be looked after. I'm often asked if I miss the security of working in corporate life and my response is a polite 'No.' Having my own business gives me the opportunity to reach as many tradie businesses as I can and help them become fabulous places to work. I know I am winning when clients and their employees say to me 'Leigh, you've made me enjoy coming to work again' or 'I can now sleep easy at night' and my all-time favourite response which is 'I feel safe.'

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