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Entrant: Little Lunches Limited

City: Christchurch


About My Business

We make & deliver super healthy, wholesome, DELICIOUS lunches to schools & businesses in Christchurch. All lunches are free from refined sugar & made fresh each morning. They're all 'build your own' which makes them suitable for the fussiest eaters! We also have an option for people to 'Enjoy one, GIVE one', this is a non profit sector of Little Lunches, where people can give to Kiwi kids in need & we take care of the making & delivering. In this fast paced world we live in I believe there are so many people who want to eat healthy lunches but run out of time, so instead lunch boxes are filled with processed, sugar filled rubbish... I have come up with a solution which is affordable & with free delivery it couldn't get any easier!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Little Lunches is working super hard to make it really easy for the people of Christchurch (adults & kids) to eat nutritious, wholesome, fresh, delicious & affordable lunches. We have designed a business model that works for you! Ordering & paying is simple & only takes a few minutes on our easy to navigate website & we are looking out for the environment too by using eco friendly, BioPak packaging. If you wake up in the morning & it's just one of those days where nothing is going right we are here to help! You can place your order by 9am then voila, by lunch time it'll turn up at your work place or school (free delivery too!) The 'build your own' design of Little Lunches means even the fussiest eaters can choose exactly what they want without having to pull out half the fillings! Being a nurse, I know what it's like to get home from a long shift & have no energy left to even think about making lunch for the following day which more often than not can result in buying a not so healthy lunch from the cafe or filling up on bread & buscuits from the staff room! I also see the consequences of obesity basically every single shift which is one of the main reasons I started Little Lunches, as I feel a lot of people are talking about the outrageously high obesity rates but not many seem to be doing anything about it. Another huge part of our business is the non profit sector which we started term one this year, where people can 'Enjoy one, GIVE one'. These lunches go to Kiwi kids in need throughout schools in Christchurch & so far we have given 340 lunches with another 30 to go out soon (there is a running tally of this on our website). Each lunch we give is nutritious & filling & the feedback we are getting from schools is that the kids are LOVING these lunches & feel special getting their very own box of food. I am extremely passionate about making Canterbury a healthier region, one lunch at a time. Every lunch & platter is made with care, attention & love! By voting for us hopefully more people will hear about Little Lunches & we will be able to feed more Kiwi kids in need & help more kids & adults live healthier lives. Thanks so much, Dee

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