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Entrant: Sense Data

City: Auckland


About My Business

Sense Data, is a digital services business making a positive impact on the world! Our social enterprise strives to create a better digital ad business, providing free digital services to Kiwi businesses using tech-for-good and for local community projects. We are self-funded, locally owned and operated and 100% of our revenue is derived from digital products and services. We have a suite of creative products that are exclusive to Sense Data, utilising new, innovative digital formats. Our clients range from big brands such as Air New Zealand and Scapegrace Gin to small Kiwi businesses such as So Inspired Fitness and Style and Soul. Our services include: For Publishers: ' Creative Services: digital ad units built for our New Zealand publisher partners For Agencies: ' Digital creative + audience + digital media ' Audience + digital media For SMEs: ' Advisory work ' Digital Advertising and Marketing services For businesses using tech-for-good and community projects, we offer pro-bono services: ' Free digital creative ' Free digital advertising (100,000 page impressions per month, on-going) ' Free marketing advice ' Free website

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Sense Data is proud of our social impact and what we have been able to achieve in the last 4 years. We have an ongoing commitment to Clearhead, an app to give all kiwi's better access to mental health care, which is incredibly important to us personally, and from a business perspective. We are wholly committed to opening up conversations around mental health, to try and reduce stigma around it, and support others. We have been able to continue our support for our local businesses with regards to time and positive energy we put into the Shop Local, Shop Howick project, which is highly valued in the community. We are proud of our business achievements as we go into year 5 of our business and as we go through a new fast-growth period, we are excited to see what this year brings for our business! We are launching new products and services over the next 3-4 months and this will not only allow us to do more great work for big brand clients, but will also allow us to support more pro-bono activity for our social enterprise. As part of our commitment to make a positive impact, we are actively taking steps to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, both in real life and in the digital space.

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