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Entrant: Bellies to Babies Antenatal & Postnatal Classes

City: Napier


About My Business

Bellies to Babies Antenatal & Postnatal Classes. Fun, friendly, informative, impartial and supportive antenatal & postnatal classes. I'm Janine Gard, and I'm a passionate advocate for people going through the experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and those first weeks and months with their new babies. I'm a diploma qualified birth educator based in Napier who has lived, slept and breathed babies for the past 16 years. I founded my business, Bellies to Babies, to offer the very best in antenatal and postnatal education. My focus is people, connections, education, empowerment and support. As a mum to two pretty cool teens, I understand what it's like to be pregnant, give birth and all the stages our kiddies go through - being excited one minute and worried the next! Antenatal education is a crucial component of antenatal care and there are many excellent reasons to attend, especially for those experiencing pregnancy for the first time. These classes help parents prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and physically for their journey to parenthood ' and they forge strong connections with other parents, creating a great support network. My range of antenatal and postnatal classes includes six-week mainstream antenatal classes, private consultations and boutique weekend classes. I also host Where's the Instruction Manual? classes, baby massage and baby first aid classes. All my sessions are interactive and designed to included partners too. I also hold monthly guided tours of local maternity units, easing the anxieties of parents-to-be who have never stepped foot in a birthing suite! This evolved after conversations with midwives who told me they often didn't have time to do this themselves. I am a Safe Sleep Champion, Le Leche League Breastfeeding Peer Support, an internationally certified infant massage instructor, and I write a weekly column for regarding pregnancy, birth and parenting. I've been featured in the pages of leading magazines, newspapers and online publications. During the past four years of Bellies to Babies, I've taught over 3300 parents! But I understand that there's always more to learn. I attend workshops, study days, read research papers and keep up with current trends and medical advancements within my field. Training is essential to delivering the best possible service to my clients. I absolutely love my work. I wake each day and know how privileged I am to connect with parents, educate, empower, ease fears, answer loads of questions (curly ones included) and generally have fun. I can't believe I get to do this every day!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Bellies to Babies Antenatal & Postnatal Classes offer labour, birth & new-parent education which empowers parents to be with practical information, knowledge, connections and support in a welcoming, unbiased, fun & friendly environment. If you're a parent already or planning to be one in the future you may know that this is a special time where the known and unknown really hits home! Imagine riding a rollercoaster with no knowledge of how you get on, what possibilities of the equipment you may need, how long the ride will take, who's coming with you and where the journey will end up??!! Most of us would want to know all of these important details and pregnancy, birth and parenting are much the same. Knowing how to make informed decisions, allowing us time to gather family, friends and professionals to help support, educate, empower are needed to prepare people for this life-changing ride! This is where I step in, guiding parents to be along this exciting, emotional, sometimes scary and worrying path, informing them, supporting and helping them connect with other parents to form fantastic social networks, it's super important to share the crazy moments and the awesome ones too! Whether they want a home birth or cesarean section, want to breastfeed or bottle-feed, want to co-sleep with their baby or have them sleep in their own room, I provide them with the latest research and information to equip them to make the right choices for them and their family. Perhaps you're wondering why do I do, what I do (and for so long), first and foremost, because I love it! I love people, I love connecting, educating and supporting parents. I see my role for parents as a complete service - from Bellies to Babies, as the name suggests. I can't imagine waking each day, getting up and going to a job where I don't want to be - how draining! Instead, I wake up each day and think, WOW, I get to meet, connect and chat with people and parents, educate and empower, ease a few fears, worries and concerns, answer loads of questions (curly ones included) and generally have fun, what's not to love! So, get voting! Vote for me for the people's choice award so I can continue developing classes, supporting and educating parents and increasing the support for parents that record their birth as being traumatic (around 30%).

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