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Entrant: Clip joint hairdressing

City: Dunedin


About My Business

Hi, we are Loren and Mel, we own Clip joint hairdressing, a hair salon with beauty room in Central Dunedin, New Zealand. We have owned the salon for the last 10 year's and 5 years ago moved the salon to a bigger space to enable us to go down a sustainable path and are so proud with how far we have come. We have held our climate positive certification since the start of 2018 and are 100% cruelty free and 99% vegan friendly. We use 'oway' one of the most natural colour and product ranges on the market, oway package their product's in 99% glass and aluminium and their ingredients are either bio dynamic, organic or ethically sourced. The salon operates a very popular shampoo and conditioner refill station, clients can bring their own container or make use of our empty glass and aluminium bottles. Any empty glass and aluminium packaging from the salon use products are reused by us, other businesses and the community. We use foil in salon as a colouring aid, the foil we use is made from 97% recycled materials and is recycled after use along with our colour tubes and razor blades. We compost our hair offcuts through a local composting collective and use reusable gloves in the salon. We use eco tap heads on our basin units which save water usage along with us keeping a close eye on excess water and power use. We have a range of environmentally friendly hair and beauty supplies for home use sold in the salon to encourage clients to change their ways at home also, available products include safety razors and blades, reusable make up remover cloths, beeswax food wraps and our salon made aluminium and baking soda free deoderant. We firstly reuse anything we can and then recycle all cardboard, paper, glass and aluminium. We are so proud with how far we have come over the past 5 years but there is always more to be done and better ways to do things. We are constantly researching to learn more.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We would love your vote for people's choice. As hairdressers we work so closely with people, we love having the chance to make someone look and feel better and we love having a good chat and building up a friendship with our clients. We have been in this business partnership for the past 10 years and are so proud of how far we have come. We are a team of 5 women, all juggling the home and work life balance. We all have between 1 and 3 kids to raise and a household to run along with working at clip joint hairdressing. We are a supportive and friendly bunch and feel good about running our business just a bit differently to make a small change in the world. We are always overwhelmed and grateful with the support we receive from our clients, the community and the hairdressing industry. Throughout the crazy year or so we have/are living through we have all been made more aware of supporting local. This is something we do where possible within the salon, we work with some amazing local companies and small businesses. We love the concept of these awards to celebrate the little guy and would love your support. Thank you from Loren and Mel.

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