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Entrant: Elite Silk NEW ZEALAND

City: Auckland


About My Business

ELITE SILK-100% Mulberry Silk was born on 2nd December 2016. We design and make our bedding right here in Auckland, NZ. Six years ago, I had numerous skin problems that severely affected my lifestyle. In an effort, to tackle these problems I set out to find a viable solution, that was eco-friendly and long term. Through a lot of research, I concluded that swapping my bedding to pure, organic mulberry silk was the best change I could adopt into my routine. The use of hypoallergenic and organic bedding products can have numerous health benefits. Upon coming to this conclusion, I searched Auckland for pure mulberry silk pillowcases and for the life of me I could not find quality products. All the products on the market were of poor quality, made overseas or not real mulberry silk. Dismayed, I started to see an opportunity for the development of a product within the Kiwi Marketplace. Fast-forward six years and I have built Elite Silk from scratch. I used my own savings for the start-up costs, I learnt how to build websites, I taught myself how SEO's and marketing works, and I single-handedly developed an unexpected social media presence that has undisputedly led to the success of my company. I design my own hypoallergenic, organic bedding and silk accessories which are created right here in Auckland. The creation of our products in New Zealand was extremely important to me as it has allowed me to supported local economy whilst giving the customers, of my online store quick service. They no longer need to wait weeks at a time for shipping from other countries. In recent years we have been able to expand our product range from including just pillowcases to many lifestyles' product, i.e., Organic bedding, silk face masks, silk scrunchies and more. This range of products in different colours and sizes has allowed me to more confidentiality cater to all my customers' needs, our products have incredible local, workmanship and will last a lifetime. This has allowed me to meet my original goal of filling in a gap in our marketplace. I take great pride in what Elite Silk has become. All those sleepless nights and tiring hours, the long months and the years of hard work has finely started to show results. My love and passion for silk has, I believe, not only changed my life but offered the people of New Zealand a product that works and last for life.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

It would be a real honor for me and my Elite Silk to win this award. I would love to continue to be at service and make quality bedding for New Zealanders. Elena xx

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