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Entrant: Mrs Tradie Limited

City: Winton


About My Business

Mrs Tradie Office Lady is an innovative young business providing office lady & administration support to Tradies and Business Owners. If you are looking for part time office lady or admin support, then Mrs Tradie Office Lady is your solution. You will be assigned your own Mrs Tradie Office Lady Extraordinaire. Your Mrs Tradie Office Lady Extraordinaire is available for you each weekday from 8am to 4pm. Your Mrs Tradie Office Lady Extraordinaire will become part of your business team. Our job is to understand exactly how your business works, improve processes and systems, and be available for you any time you need us. We work on your business from a remote location, using the best technology available and communication channels that suit you, the client. Essentially, we are Part Time - All The Time. Just pay for the hours you use each month. Imagine having your own Part Time Office Lady - Its Genius!!!! Mrs Tradie was created to support those who need help with their admin. We are a growing business that combines the latest technology, with good old fashioned customer service. Yes - we are going back to basics. It is about relationships and communication. What we offer can be life changing. There are no more late-night sessions on paperwork. There are no more late-night discussions (politely putting it) about the paperwork. Our clients become more profitable, have less burden, have more control, and spend more time with the people they care about - it truly is quite powerful!!! We have a diverse range of clients: Farmers, Tradies, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, big and small. Being an Office Lady Extraordinaire is very interesting work. You have your own portfolio of clients, and there is never a dull moment. There is plenty of respect, loads of banter, and no opinions. I am very proud of the experience we offer our clients, the connections we have, and the values we work within.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

At Mrs Tradie we specialise in making your business life more enjoyable. We deal with the staff, we help with the paperwork, we work our magic creating more time for you to spend with people you care about. If you need some help, why don't you call us on 0800THEMRS. Or check out our website There you can check out the gallery - the Tradie Dogs are so very cute it is one of our most popular parts of the website. You will also see pictures of us delivering Toasties to the Tradies, when we hooked up with The Rock in Southland for Toastie Tuesdays. This is a real feel good company, offering down to earth quality services. We take away the burden, we stop the late night arguments, we provide just what you need and nothing you do not. Hell we have even been know to type up romantic itineraries for one of our Tradies taking his wife on a secret romantic weekend. It is about relationships and building on that to ensure people get the quality of life they want - that is exactly what we are here for. Mrs Tradie Office Lady is an admin office lady business, pumping out goodness in Aotearoa. Vote Yes for Goodness - Vote Yes for Mrs Tradie Office Lady!!!

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