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Entrant: Healthkicks NZ

City: Christchurch


About My Business

Our mission is to help kiwis eat healthier & achieve their goals! As a family owned business, we provide pre packaged meals designed by our chef trained team to ensure no-one has to compromise on taste when it comes to fuelling their body right! NZ Wide we've serviced everyone from the everyday (super) mums through to World Cup winning All Blacks. Our Calorie Balanced Meals are delivered fresh to your door and we pride ourselves on helping the shift in mindset around eating healthy. Health Eating doesn't have to be boring!! It still blows our mind the impact we can have on our customers perceptions about 'healthy food' and often see Kiwis open their minds to new foods, people who have suffered eating disorders, improving their relationship with food and some incredible physical and mental transformations. We support local kiwi gyms to build confidence in their members through health & nutrition. Healthkicks is the team you didn't know you needed in your corner. We are passion about helping you achieve your goals and if we can change the lifes of New Zealanders through delicious healthy foods then call us happy!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Our top priority has always remained the same. Deliver healthy & nutritious food to everyday kiwis to support lifechanging results. Anyone can make food. But to create a community where health & nutrition is something people start to think about & change their perspective, this is where our impact begins. Every week we receive comments & recognition from our customer base attributing physical changes (fat loss or muscle gain) to the support they received but by far our favourite commendations are from our customers who tell us we've changed their perception about 'healthy food' or customers who have suffered eating disorders but have been able to improve their relationship with food through the help of healthkicks. We're proud to say that each year we postivley impact 1000+ customers directly through helping them achieve their goals. We've seen customers lose upto 15kg in fat loss (and keep it off), we've seen customers eat vegetables & foods they never thought they'd ever eat. We've seen customers be inspired to cook thier own healthy food at home, something alot of us take for granted. Our social responsibility is to ensure our customers aren't buying into a quick fix or unhealthy 'fad' but that they understand that seeing physical results is by making longlasting lifestlye changes. The impact we've had on customers lives through food & nutrition is by far the achievement we are most proudest of to date!

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