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Entrant: FunDiggityDog

City: Southland


About My Business

FunDiggityDog creates pet toys that are ethical, sustainable, and luxurious - because your pets and our planet deserve the best! Our premium dog and cat toys are lovingly handmade in Southland from quality natural components. We use 'pest pelts' from introduced species (possum leather and fur, rabbit to come), as well as NZ wool, plus flax & hemp, to create an irresistible range of toys that your pets will LOVE. Each toy is triple-core bonded & double-stitched for added strength. But of course, no natural product, let alone a dog toy, is indestructible! They are stuffed with scoured, clean, cross-bred New Zealand wool (such a wonderful & sustainable natural resource). You can choose to include a little squeaker if your pet loves them, or go squeaker-free for a toy that contains zero plastic. We're happy to have found compostable, biodegradable packaging too. But wait, there's more! Since our toys are made with pelts, they also help to protect our native birds & flora. Our possum pelts are humanely harvested from the spectacular Fiordland National Park (by the reputable local, third-generation family from whom we source them), which is full of wonderful & unique forest, reptiles and birds - all of which are at threat from invasion. These 'cute' animals are actually causing horrific damage, to the extent that DOC calls the possum 'one of the greatest threats to our natural environment'. Launched in Dec 2020 (just a puppy!) FDD is a passion project born of one woman's desire and commitment to be a small part of sustainable change in Aotearoa. The long-term vision is to build a local team in Southland who are equally as passionate about protecting the environment and boosting the happiness of pets. If natural quality fibres, zero plastic waste, buying local & protecting native flora and fauna is important to you, then our toys are perfect for your fur friend. Vote FunDiggityDog and contribute to endemic conservation, and happy dogs & cats everywhere!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Support us and also help New Zealand get to Predator Free by 2050! By voting for FunDiggityDog, you'll do more than just champion a small business (and maybe help enable the growth with already interested global distribution partners!), you'll also help us to spread the 'native bird love' and fight the good fight against the population explosion of introduced pests. It's estimated that within NZ: * Introduced pests kill 25 MILLION native birds per year * Possums eat 20,000 TONNES of native bush and entire tree canopies PER NIGHT * The government spends $110 million of taxpayer money per annum on possum control. Aren't these appalling statistics from the Department of Conservation a real eye opener? I knew there were problems protecting our native species, but I didn't quite realise how out of kilter our endemic biodiversity has actually become. Are you with me? Hi, I'm Louise, the founder of FunDiggityDog and the proud owner of 3 beautiful dogs. I don't know about you, but I'm SO over cheap, mass-produced dog toys that contribute to enforced slave labour and water, soil & air pollution, then end up in landfill. When I was gifted a possum skin, and after losing my excellent job in tourism when our borders shut, I decided to try making my own dog toys, and FunDiggityDog grew organically from there. My pet toys are more than just a sustainable solution/option to our ecosystem crisis - they are much loved companions for your fur friend. One of the species in most danger is New Zealand's iconic flightless endemic bird, namesake, and unofficial symbol - the kiwi! Here are some interesting and little-known facts, which might inspire you to play a part in protecting our precious birds. * It's estimated we only have around 68,000 kiwis left in NZ, with a population decline of 3% per annum -due mainly to introduced predator species such as rats, stoats, cats, possums, ferrets. * In comparison, the introduced possum has only been in NZ for approx. 170 years, and already numbers near 30 million. FunDiggityDog also use strong (cross-bred) NZ wool, an amazing natural resource. Here are some wonderful wool facts - let's make wool cool again! * Cross-bred wool makes up around 85% of New Zealand's total wool clip. NZ grown wool is some of the best in the world, and is far more durable, renewable, fire-retardant and planet-friendly than man-made fibres. * The average NZ home with synthetic carpet is believed to be the equivalent of having 20,000 plastic bags on the floor. Yet wool carpets account for only 15% of the carpet market in NZ. That's why here at FunDiggityDog we're helping turn this precious commodity back into the amazing asset it should be! Voting for FunDiggityDog in the David Awards 2021 is a free and easy way to advocate me and my vision, whether you have a pet or not. I'd love for you to join me in protecting our native species and helping NZ inch towards its goal of becoming predator free by 2050. Thanks!

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