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Entrant: Keetrax

City: Nelson


About My Business

Keetrax is an ecommerce growth agency. We help ecommerce businesses grow by helping them delight their future customers through engaging marketing, a seamless website user experience and streamlined operations. We handle design, web development, PPC, SEO, marketing automation and social media management. Our pricing is transparent and up-front thanks to our innovative value-based point price system. Headquartered in Nelson with an international team of 9 permanent staff we're the go-to marketing and web development agency for clients from over 15 countries. Keetrax is known as official Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Google and Neto partners, and has developed 3 popular SaaS apps - Keesubscriptions, Mailchimp for Neto and Klaviyo For Neto. Our clients choose Keetrax because they know we have the same passion as they do: to grow their business and delight their future customers. Keetrax was founded by Danielle and Mike after years spent travelling around the world on their motorbikes. Together they rode through Eastern, Central and Southern Africa until they sold their bikes and slowly made their way to New Zealand where they founded Keetrax in 2018. What started with once-off jobs through contacts they had built up through adventure motorcycling and travelling, quickly grew through word of mouth to the thriving business that is Keetrax today.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We would be 'delighted' to have your vote for The People's Choice. The Keetrax mission of delighting your future customers isn't just a clever catch-phrase. Caring for others is a value that extends from us as founders of the business, to our team and our customers. We're open, honest and positive people and we and our team strive to work in a way that reflects these values. We don't see our business as simply selling 'services' to grow our bottom line. We're invested in our customer's success and helping them to put a plan in place that will enable their business to grow. But we're not afraid to say no either. Doing the right thing by our customers is why they trust us and the reason why we have so many loyal and awesome clients. The David Awards 'celebrate small Kiwi businesses doing extraordinary things'. We would be honoured to be considered one of these businesses.

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