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Entrant: Flack

City: Auckland


About My Business

Flack is an innovative new business that aims to disrupt the hire industry in New Zealand. Flack is a peer-to-peer hiring platform that allows Kiwis to hire out their stuff to their fellow Kiwi. The benefit to users is three-fold: 1. You get to make extra cash from that stuff you rarely use. 2. It gives you the opportunity to hire stuff from other like-minded Kiwis for cheaper than you'd get from hire-shops. And from a more convenient location, maybe even on your street. 3. It reduces the amount of waste that we Kiwis put in the landfill every year. We were inaugurated in 2018 after Ben, one of the cofounders, needed a chainsaw for a job around the home. He didn't know anyone nearby with one and the nearest rental shop was a distance away. He figured there must be a better way, and so Flack was born.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Flack is an anti-startup. We're 4 mates who want to make things better for ourselves and New Zealand without the need for outside investment. Does this make us foolish? Probably. But we prefer the word "Battler". It's a tough, slow grind but we have the belief in our ability, and the value of the vision and idea to make it work. We really think Flack is something special to nurture and we hope we can convince New Zealand to come along for the ride. Cheers, Give Flack a crack!

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