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Entrant: ResolvePay

City: Auckland


About My Business

ResolvePay are the champions of holiday pay and payroll data analytics; making the complex, simple. ResolvePay specialises in helping New Zealand businesses better understand their requirements when it comes to holiday pay and payroll legislation. We are a technology and consulting business which helps other New Zealand organisations solve complex payroll challenges. We have developed proprietary software to deal with complex contract and remuneration structures, and solve the multitude of challenges that the Holidays Act and other employment legislation in New Zealand presents to organisations. The Holidays Act is in place to ensure employees are paid fairly and accurately when they take leave, but like with a lot of legislation, there is a lot that is left open to interpretation. The outcome? Many organisations across New Zealand are unintentionally paying their employees incorrectly. This issue is compounded by complex working arrangements and payment structures across New Zealand's vastly different workforce, making application in real life quite difficult to do. Add in legacy payroll systems and broken payroll processes and you've got yourself a bit of a nightmare. That's where we come in. ResolvePay's team of holiday pay experts are underpinned by our proprietary, automated software tool, to help organisations understand their risk and remediate any issues. Being a small business ourselves, we offer a cost-effective solution to a potentially high-cost problem, and reduce the risk of non-compliance to the Act (which can be very expensive). Our team and our automated tool give our clients the ability to make informed decisions, undertake calculations with limited or fragmented data sets, apply logical rationale to deal with data gaps and perform a best endeavours approach to remediating historical payroll errors. On top of that, we have become expert investigators in payroll data analytics, so 2022 will see us expand our services even further to grow and assist our clients across their wider payroll data challenges. We are the champions of holiday pay, fighters of complexity, and the lowest risk, lowest cost solution to solving holiday pay and payroll data challenges in New Zealand.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

ResolvePay's mission is to make sure every employee in New Zealand is paid correctly. No one wants to be underpaid, and why should you? You work hard and deserve to be properly compensated for all that you do. How do we do it? We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to assist them with understanding their legal responsibility when paying their employees, and when they get it wrong (because let's be honest, everybody get's it wrong sometimes), we use our team of experts and our automated software to help put things right. We operate in an industry dominated by large, multi-national accounting firms, with enormous teams of offshore workers manually plugging away day and night to solve these problems. And if you know anything about large, multi-national giants, they charge big bucks for what they do. That's not ResolvePay. ResolvePay is a small, nimble team of problem solvers who put our customers (both the organisations and their employees) at the front and centre of all that we do. We know how hard it is to be a New Zealand business competing with giants, so we endeavour to provide exceptional quality outcomes at cost-effective prices. We don't want to further burden employers by charging enormous sums and taking forever to solve these problems. We work quickly and efficiently (using our automated technology and payroll experts) and most importantly, at fair and reasonable prices to fix any issues. This means employees receive what is rightfully there's quicker and the business can continue to operate, just now in a more compliant way. We are underpinned by our automation technology tool, which, in a nutshell, takes the abstract and complex payroll data and figures out historically what and where the issues were; then fixes them! Like all good stories, this idea for our software started on the back of a piece of paper, evolved into a complex algorithm and ended in a highly technical, automated software tool that is scalable for use with any payroll system and any size organisation. Why do we deserve this award? I know what you're thinking, payroll is a pretty boring topic, but we argue that payroll is the most critical aspect in the operation of any organisation. Without employees, what is a business after all? We are taking on the big guys, and making sure that this problem can be identified, solved and managed into the future for EVERY organisation across New Zealand (not just the ones with the big cheque books). We are about doing what is best for our clients and their employees. We punch above our weight and will keep throwing stones against the Goliaths of the world as we make ripples across this niche but important area of business.

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