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Entrant: Where the Wooden Things are


About My Business

Where the Wooden Things are constructs quality wooden equipment for our tamariki aged 6 months to 5 years old. Our resources are inspired by Steiner/Waldorf and Montessori, there are elements of each that we use in our home, and we are thrilled to share the resources with other New Zealand families and ECE Centres. When our new baby arrived, I was on the hunt for these types of items, however many were out of reach for us. Having many years of construction knowledge in the family we were inspired, the business started and we haven't looked back. Our most first and most popular product is our Pikler Triangle. We have since released variation of this, as well as accessories to go with it. We are continuing with new product releases, and cannot wait to have a full catalogue of resources.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We are so proud of what we create and supply to our littlest customers! Any vote we receive will mean the world to us. We are tireless in our work, often working crazy hours to balance our work life, our business, a young baby, our family and everything in between. Its worth every moment, to see the creativity, joy and development of all the children that benefit from our products. Our business has brought joy into our home and we have seen the joy it brings to our customers. Like all small businesses its hard work! Trying to get something off the ground is never easy, yet I am so happy with how far we have come in a short amount of time, and am excited to see what the future holds for Where the Wooden Things are!

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