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Entrant: Stone Arrow Limited

City: Takaka


About My Business

StoneArrow is a boutique artisan business based in Takaka that specialises in creating high quality, sustainable, innovative, and hand-crafted jewellery made from up-cycled materials. Our purpose is to create stunning jewellery designs using recycled materials that are so compelling that customers will purchase them based on their appeal, the fact that they are up-cycled is an added bonus. Founded by Golden Bay creative Nick Feint, we create products that are quintessentially kiwi, each design inspired by the beauty of nature here in Aotearoa New Zealand. With a range that features native birds, flowers, trees, and showcases materials such as paua, pounamu, and gin bottles, there is no mistaking that Aotearoa is our source of inspiration! What sets us apart is that we think carefully about all of our daily operations, making sure that everything we do is in integrity with our values and sustainable goals. Through our efforts to be innovative and sustainable, we have developed world-first processes so that we can make beautiful pieces from what other people might consider waste! We have been a finalist in the Sustainable Business Network Awards in 2012, 2014, and 2019 and recently became Climate Positive, offsetting 120% of our carbon emissions. We are always looking for new ways to work with up-cycled material, our most recent pet-project is to design a range created from aluminium and tin cans. The foundation of our success is built on creativity, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. We also take pride in our friendly kiwi attitude; in our daily operations our team aims to always practice respect, transparency, and generosity. We sell our designs on our website, both domestically and internationally, and also through more than 100 galleries around New Zealand. We have a workshop and gallery in Takaka, Golden Bay, so please come and visit us if you're ever in town so we can show you how we do what we do!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

When we were thinking about how to convince you to vote for StoneArrow, we decided to hunt through our customer reviews to see what people have been saying about us (rather than blowing our own trumpet, let others blow it for us!) What we noticed was that there seemed to be some common themes, and we chose a select few to demonstrate why people choose to shop with us. Our beautiful craftmanship. I received this beautiful pendant as a birthday gift. It is a stunning piece of wearable art from an environmentally thoughtful creator. Infinite compliments. Literally every time I wear it I get complimented. And now, with Zoom meetings, a whole load of international people are loving it too'it's become my 'signature piece'. We go the extra mile: When I dropped and broke one [earring] I was gutted, but Nick was so helpful in getting me a matching replacement single earring quickly and easily. Supporting sustainable business. The eco and ethics of StoneArrow warms my heart. Inspired by Aotearoa. A bit of NZ in my ears. Versatility. These beautiful earrings can take me from the beach to a special dinner and everything in between. It is so amazing to see that our intention to create, package, and send our pieces out with aroha is received, and that our designs bring joy, connection, and beauty into people's lives. Please vote for StoneArrow so that we can continue to create, innovate, and repurpose your waste on a larger scale!

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