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Entrant: Salt & Oil

City: Whangarei


About My Business

We help you relax, feel good AND raise money. With our natural, hand-made bath soaks. No bath? They make great foot soaks and body scrubs too. Our first product, SO:Active, was developed for NZ Rugby for their player post-match baths. We expanded our range and made it available to all Kiwis. Doesn't SO:Relaxing sound good after a busy week? For a quick, portable well-being boost, use our Magnesium Oil Spray. All you need is 10 seconds to massage it into your skin. All products are suitable for vegans and cruelty-free. We keep our prices affordable as we'd love more Kiwis to enjoy the relaxing and stress-relieving effects of magnesium. Our soaks are popular with a range of customers - Mums of sporty kids who need to relax their muscles after training - Mums who just need to relax themselves - Gym-goers who appreciate the muscle-relief and getting back to training quicker - Businesses like estate agents and rental managers who gift some rest and relaxation to their clients. We're grateful to all our customers but what we love most is the fundraising scheme we offer to NZ good causes. Our first group was an intermediate class, soon after the April lockdown. They raised over $1400. We've helped sports teams, sponsored walks, registered charities, individuals raising money for cancer treatment, and more. We also donate 2% of our online sales to our Charity of the Month. At time of writing this is the Starship Foundation who are raising funds to provide 10 new beds for the children's hospital.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Would you like a new, easy way to fund-raise? We can help! Our hand-made baths soaks are natural, cruelty-free and have that feel-good factor! For every order made using your code, you get cashback of up to $4 per bath soak, and $7.50 per magnesium oil spray. It's all done online. You don't have to buy product up front, and you get free delivery at the end of your fortnight. All contactless, in case those C**id levels change again! In our first year in business we've donated nearly $4500 to fundraisers. And $527 to good causes through our Charity of the Month scheme. We'd love to double that next year. Some of those funds could be coming to you! Bath soaks are an inexpensive treat that make great gifts and are suitable for everyone. We don't add petals and glitter because, frankly, we prefer an easy life - we use the soaks often ourselves, and we'd rather not be picking soggy petals out the plug hole, or finding sparkly bits stuck on our arms in the middle of a meeting with the bank manager! We have fun making our products, and we hope that comes through on our website and social media pages. Please vote for us if you're feeling stressed, tired, stiff and sore. Oh wait, I mean please enjoy one of our bath soaks if you're feeling that way! But please vote for us too. We admit, we get a kick from hearing how our products have helped people, and we'd really appreciate your help in voting for us - if we do well in these awards, more Kiwis might give us feedback like this: Sonya C, fundraising customer - 'Everyone was so impressed with their order when I delivered today, they wanted to re-order!!!' Andy M - 'Wow, this stuff really works! I was very sore after a physio session yesterday... I chucked half a bag of Salt & Oil into the bath, had a relax and now the muscle pain is all gone - worked better than I expected, smells nice too.' We source from ethical suppliers, and don't use additives like fillers, flow agents, bleach or colorants. If you prefer unscented products, we're about to launch a range of them too. Our vision is happy, relaxed, rested households up and down New Zealand. We hope you'll be one of them!

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