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About My Business

Ampjar helps small businesses grow organically. We do this through a community platform which facilitates brand-to-brand collaboration. For a small business, it is very time-consuming and costly to learn how to navigate bigger advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. Ampjar takes away this pain through an innovative new way, which we believe it based on the intuitive concept of 'karma'. Instead of the costs and time in setting up advertising the 'traditional' digital way, Ampjar allows for businesses to focus on what they do best: delighting their customers and focusing on creating superb content on their social media accounts. We think that along with potentially other methods this is the best way to grow customer brand loyalty ' not spending money on advertising on these big platforms. The main way we allow Ampjar customers to do this for the small businesses which are on our community platform is to allow each 'brand' to advertise through cross-promoting each other. Brands usually see direct impact from 'shouting out' another complementary brand on their own social media. The consequence is that a trusted brand is able to recommend another brand they trust or like the look of to their own customers. How effective is this? Often small businesses have a very engaged and loyal following on their social media account(s). Ampjar allows for the sharing of reciprocal or complementary brand's social media which is show of solidarity for small brands. This is because a brand's customers and followers on social media might be the perfect customers for another brand in an adjacent industry. For instance, if you've created hand-made and organic baby products, your followers could be equally interested in pottery or homewares since the shared target audience are mothers or women aged within a certain demographic who are likely to share the same level of interest in that particular product or service category. We don't just allow the cross-promoting of product-based businesses though. We also have professionals or other service-based brands on our community platform. This is a growing segment of the independent businesses or brands on our platform. Using Ampjar lowers the barrier of advertising costs for smaller brands and drives authentic local business connections for more established brands. One unique point of difference on our platform is the ability to see a business's story including for other brands to connect based on shared values or background (such as sustainable or hand-made, Indigenous or Black community owned, solo female founder, etc.). Our vision is for a world where people spend purposefully, bringing about positive and social impact. Supporting local businesses is a core value of Ampjar.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

During COVID-19, did you go out of your way to support local businesses? If yes, then great ' we did too! But at Ampjar, we hope to make supporting local or independent businesses the norm, rather than the exception. We think that by doing so, we can spread that feeling of joy when you spend knowing that everything goes towards a small business which has spent hours perfecting their product(s) to delight you. While we all know how hard it is for small businesses to get off the ground and become sustainable, it is even harder for small businesses to deliver to the same expectations of customers without a suite of tools like Ampjar which makes it more cost-effective and easier to compete with larger players in their fields. One of the biggest costs for small businesses is marketing. Small businesses find it difficult to justify spending hundreds each week or month on attracting new customers but without some marketing efforts, it is difficult to grow. Who is behind our team? We have a plethora of small business owners on our team which is why we are so passionate about what we do. Pete Davis, the CEO and co-founder built a digital marketing agency and felt the budget strains for small business. His wife, Maria, has a beautiful crafts business aimed for children called 'Little Printables'. Anna, the COO and co-founder grew up in New Zealand around plenty of aspiring small businesses. Her parents operated a small business when they migrated to New Zealand. This entrepreneurship fuel for both the co-founders is what drives the direction and vision of Ampjar. The team has often hired part-time employees or contractors who own their own small business, thereby contributing to how Ampjar can create further value to their community of similar small businesses. We're thankful to the David Awards for being able to connect with other small businesses in NZ. Hopefully they all see the value of coming on-board to Ampjar.

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