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Entrant: Nine Yards Consulting Limited

City: Auckland


About My Business

Construction and renovation can be daunting. Nine Yards Consulting ensures you get the results you deserve without the pain and stress of managing it all yourself. From controlling your budget and sticking to a time frame, to procuring the perfect products for the vision you have, I understand the importance of getting every detail just right.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

My first renovation cost me $45k. I lived in the house, did the demo myself and lost my flatmate in the process because it took longer than expected. My second renovation went over budget by more than $100k and I'm still paying it off to this day. TV programmes like The Block have created unrealistic expectations of quality, time frames and budgets, ultimately misleading viewers. Even me. Despite working within the commercial construction industry for almost a decade at the time, I was still completely unprepared for the process of a residential renovation. Today though, I spend my days helping homeowners achieve their dream home without the stress of budget blowouts and timeline overruns. Sometimes by doing it FOR them, but usually by doing it WITH them via my home renovation coaching programme. This ensures access to my skillset is more 'in reach' for a typical homeowner who is motivated to manage the process themselves, but doesn't know how to get started or manage the process from go to woah. Sounds too good to be true? It's not - it's absolutely achievable and I know it because I help home renovation rookies do it every single day. I SHOW them that there's a better way to achieve their dream home ' without the stress, uncertainty of what it'll cost you, or how long it'll take to complete. All because I have already been there and done it all, and I don't want others to make the same mistakes that I did when I was starting out. How am I able to do it? First, I make sure homeowners know exactly what their scope is, and I help you to categorise it into three lists so we know exactly what the priorities are. Second, I help homeowners to build a comprehensive renovation budget that encompasses everything ' even a contingency for the unknowns. Home renovations only go over budget if the scope and the budget aren't aligned from the beginning. This process guarantees that everyone's on the same page with what can be achieved. Finally, and most importantly, I show homeowners how to manage the whole process themselves. From finding and selecting a builder, budgeting and assessing contractor pricing at various stages, overseeing the design process and ensuring it's being developed within their level of affordability, the quality of the construction on site' everything, for the whole nine yards. No unnecessary stress. No massive budget blowouts. No being left homeless, wondering when the renovation will ever be completed. Just their dream home. On time. On budget. Stress-free.

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