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Entrant: The Paper People

City: Dunedin


About My Business

I have an online and wholesale sustainable greeting card company The Paper People which I run with the help of my husband out of a little studio in Dunedin. We also do a message and send service by adding personal messages from people to cards and popping them in the post for them. Its been amazing to help people from around the world send messages of love to people in NZ - especially with Covid. I manage the creative side of things, designing cards and running the website and Johnny does the marketing and sales side. We wanted to create a range of eco-friendly cards, designed and made in NZ. All our cards are printed in Auckland using beautiful FSC stock and a digital offset printing method which gives a very high-end finish much like traditional printing methods. The ink we use is compostable and we don't embellish our cards so they are totally recyclable. Printing digitally means we can print small runs with no wastage and the printer is carbon neutral - how cool is that. Our cards are not what you'd find in the supermarket, and more importantly, they haven't been shipped from the other side of the world. All of our packaging is recyclable and we wholesale our cards 'naked' with a sticker holding the envelope and card together rather than a cellophane envelope. Our envelopes and stickers are made here and we buy our packaging from a local company, R3pack. We also try and give back by supporting the tree planting project Million Metres by giving them 10 cents for every card we sell and by educating people about paper and trees and the paper life cycle. Initially, we thought using recycled paper was better for the environment until we did our research and discovered supporting sustainably managed forests was a lot better for many reasons.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

The Paper People are trying to make a difference to the card industry here in New Zealand. As we head towards a sustainable future it's so important to look at what you're buying. We believe people don't have to give up the lovely things in life, we just have to make some changes. Giving cards will always be a part of what makes us human, but they can be made sustainably, and they can support local people. When you buy a card from us, not only are we doing a little happy dance, but so is the postie, so is the woman from the dairy up the road, and the printer in the next town. If you vote for us you will be making such a difference in making our dream of disrupting the New Zealand card industry come true. Of supporting local artists, of getting more native trees planted, and of looking forward to a sustainable future with lots of card giving!

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