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Entrant: Ursamed Ltd

City: Marton


About My Business

First Aid and right through to Surgical Specialists training, there is nothing to simulate true bleeding. The concern is that all other types of bleeding simulators are cumbersome and require constant manual simulated casualty or assessor operation. I have invented a machine which will realistically simulate bleeding. The machine is attached to a simulated casualty in either a hospital/clinic or in a rugged outdoors/battlefield setting. The machine will allow the assessor to set and control the rate and type of bleeding seen by the student, and allows the student to provide treatment to the bleed without prompting or verbal cues by the assessor. The assessor can control the bleeding scenario from upwards of 40 feet away. This takes the assessor away from the student and provides a better and more realistic scenario atmosphere. My invention will do it automatically and can be adjusted in seconds to change the rate of the bleeding or simulate different heart rates. This removes the biggest issue I face as a medical trainer, of having to tell the student what type of bleeding they are facing and how fast it is and what effect their treatment is having. With my invention, the assessor says nothing and the student will be able to observe changes exactly as they would in real life. The same principle relates to the invention in any market. The true aim is to take the assessor away from the student and allow for more realism in training.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

I am extremely passionate about the medical profession, teaching, and saving lives. My experience as a soldier both domestically and internationally led me to become a teacher of medicine. My invention was borne of the desire to teach and prepare my students to the highest standard possible, so that they will be able to save lives when the time comes. The market is desperate for an invention like mine. It saves time and significantly increases realism in training, which on is invaluable. The international wound simulation market is only growing and will continue to do so as it realises the massive potential in using the best simulation in training. Achieving realism in training is vital to effective training. Currently, to achieve this type of realism, medical professionals across all sectors rely on live experience ' either in hospitals or on the battle field. My invention has evolved since creation. It has decreased greatly in size, making it easier to carry and now has the ability to provide duel bleeds simultaneously. The idea and concept evolved further since my last interaction with the Innovate competition and I am heading in exciting new directions, which see the capabilities for the invention being utilised in several other markets over and above the medical realm. I am now looking for ways to continue the R&D to be able to finalise the miniaturised prototype and to add sensor technology to allow assessors to capture pressure data from students i.e. the application of a tourniquet for a bleeding wound or a bracket for a pipe leak.

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