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Entrant: Deputy Donuts

City: Auckland


About My Business

We are sisters-in-law living a stones throw from each other in Beachlands, Auckland. We've created an artisan donut business, making yeast raised donuts from scratch, along with our jams, curds and cream fillings with NO preservatives or additives. We have always had a shared love of baking and knowing where our food was coming from. With two creative heads together we wanted to show people just how good a real donut could taste. Made on the day to be eaten on the day - its our mantra that we stick by! Deputy Donuts was born out of want to create an amazing donut, that wasn't packed with preservative and sitting on a shelf for hours and sometimes days. We're not just making another donut. Ours are preservative free, and ALWAYS made fresh on the day of your order. We make them with love and heart and if you've ever tried a Deputy Donut you'll know what we mean. Lashings of fresh cream and house made jams, curds, caramels, honeycomb. ganache...the list goes on....we make EVERYTHING from scratch in small batches each cook day. No bottles and premade products in this kitchen! This is what sets up apart. We want our customers to eat a donut like no other!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We're mums, we're creative, we're fighters, and we are determined to work our butts off to make the best food we can. We're constantly striving for perfection and we don't stop! Literally. When we aren't working we're running the households and talking food creations on the phone. It doesn't stop. Thats why we think we are a business to watch. We've come from very humble beginnings working with basic equipment and setting alarms for 2am to make the freshest, most amazing donuts around. We don't settle for premade and boxed ingredients. We want to make something from scratch that we can be proud of and that our customers will want to come back for time and time again. Our ethos hasn't changed, and we're still working day in day out to make the freshest product around. Having a combined background of makeup artistry and graphic design the creative juices are constantly flowing, and new flavour combinations swirl around in our heads. We're proving that through not cutting corners and working hard through adversity you can achieve great things. Being a mum doesn't mean you can't achieve your dreams. Don't get us wrong we still have to do the hard yards at home, and are trying our best to be supermums at home and in business daily. We want to be amazing, strong role models for our kids and families to show them what hard work and determination will take you places. We're learning daily, we're connecting with our local community and moving with the ever changing environment around us. It would be an absolute honour for us to win the People's Choice. If you've ever had a Deputy Donut you'll know that every single one is made by hand with love! Becks & Kahla

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