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Entrant: House of Boom

City: Wellington


About My Business

House of Boom is good clothes sizes 16-34, made ethically right here in Wellington. We provide clothes for fat people to take their space in a world that wants to shrink them, rather than hide away. More than that, we're focused on fat liberation as well which is freedom from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy and desirable than others. House of Boom began as a clothing company, but it is very much driven by its kaupapa - to do good. Beyond just providing affordable-ish ethically made clothes - which is revolutionary enough in the plus size space, Boom also creates fat positive spaces like Fat Swims, and the annual Camp Boom where 55+ people come together to find strength in rooms of people who look like them. I use the business to advocate for equal rights and access for fat people, and to support people as they unlearn hating their bodies. Everyone involved in Boom is paid the living wage or more (except for me) - from the people in Wellington who sew the clothes, to the models who are chosen to look like my actual customers rather than airbrushed catalogue perfection. I run the business as openly as possible, and support other small makers with the side range of products I sell. As a queer business, at least ten percent of any rainbow item sales goes to support young queer people through InsideOUT Koaro and sometimes this is more when there are particularly hateful things going on that need to be countered with love and community. While the main goal of Boom is to be ethical, I try to be as sustainable as possible (while still being as affordable as possible). Clothes are top quality and will last a long time. Almost everything is cotton so as to limit microplastics released when they're washed. Fabric offcuts go to other small businesses to be turned into purses and underpants, limiting waste.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Everyone deserves to wear good clothes, and that's what House of Boom provides - bright ethical clothing in sizes 16-34, made by people on the living wage in Wellington. But more than just clothing, House of Boom has a kaupapa of fat liberation, creating a place where fat people can take up space, because fat is not a four letter word. Through activism, advocacy, education, events and just creating comfortable clothes with pockets, Boom works to dismantle systemic discrimination. It's great if you can learn to love your body, but it's even better if together we create a world where people are never taught to hate their body (or anyone else's) in the first place. Your vote - and your support - will help that work continue.

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