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Entrant: The Chopping Block "Coromandel's Local Butchery"

City: Coromandel


About My Business

The Chopping Block Butchery was opened by Matthew Colvin and his fiancee Chelsie Marie under 2 years ago on August 3rd 2020. Our focus was and is to provide our small town community with the finest quality gluten free meat, old school butchery style in an affordable and innovative way. We sell top quality 100% New Zealand sourced meat. Incorporating local ingredients like our famous Pork and Coromandel seaweed sausages and sell Gold award winning Locally made Opito Bay Salt in store. We using gluten free seasoning and dressings, use old school butchery techniques including hand made gluten free sausages, make and smoke our own hams, bacon, salami and so much more! We love creating exciting new meat creations/cuts and displaying our meat in an innovative way that really captivates the eye and the tastebuds! We provide Home kill processing, helping hundreds of people in our community receive good value for money meat straight from their farm to their plate. We also provide meat delivery service to homes all across the North Island and we sell The Chopping Block T-shirts, hoodies and singlets to customers all across New Zealand. Our local cafes purchase our bacon and sausages to sell to there customer and local businesses purchase our meat packs and give/raffle them to there customer. We are a small family run business in the heart of Coromandel township consisting of approximately 2000 residents. There is no big supermarket or other butchery in Coromandel Township, only a couple of dairy's and a 4 square, so our community appreciates us so much. We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from the Coromandel community since opening, from our customers complimenting our 100% New Zealand Pork, 100% New Zealand grass fed Meat, our Free range chicken quality, our huge hand made in store gluten free sausage collection and our innovative way of displaying our products and producing new ones. A few main comments we hear regularly are "It's great to see an actual old school butchery" and "Wow, I love how you display the meat." We are a small family team with only 2 full time staff including 1 Butcher/owner and 1 butchers assistant (Owners twin brother). The owners fiancee and his mum also help with the business as much as they can in there spare time. The buisness wouldn't be what it is today with out each and every team member and there unique contributions to the buisness.So it really is an awesome family team. We are so proud of how far we have come over the past 9 month as a small team and of what we have achieved together. Inspiring our team to keep our key values at the forefront of our work ethic has sure played a huge part in our success. Always putting 110% into everything we do. We have so much more planned to grow as a business and are so excited for the next steps to come! We have just been approved to sell seafood so will be focusing on perfecting that over the next few months.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We not only achieved our focus of providing our small town community with the finest quality gluten free meat, old school butchery style in an affordable and innovative way. But expanded the business by offering more to the community and beyond. We have done this by starting up home kill processing for our amazing locals and starting overnight meat deliveries to homes all across the North Island. In addition to creating new and exciting meat creations/cuts, selling The Chopping Block clothing apparel, getting amazing google reviews and getting our facebook page to hit 1k followers! Which it did within 530 days of opening. Woohoooo! We also love giving back to the community and supporting our locals. We sponsor Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Coromandel Pig Hunting Club, Coromandel Rugby Club and supporting local events like Ora Health's 10k Run in Matarangi by sponsoring them with 200 sausages for there event and Whitianga Cross fit with vouchers for there 6 Week Challenges. We are so proud of what we have achieved in such a small time with such a small team. We have big plans going forward and we are so excited about what the future holds.

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