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Entrant: Master Upholstery Experts Limited

City: Lower Hutt


About My Business

We are a family business specializing in recovering, repair and restoration of home furniture, commercial, automotive, marine and custom upholstery products. Master Upholstery Experts was established by Bell Partsch along with the support of his wife Tilianamua Partsch. With 25 years in the upholstery trade, Bell Partsch is a second generation upholsterer, having learnt the family business from his parents. Like Master Upholstery is a custom made upholstery services to both residential and commercial customers in the Wellington region. The business is dedicated to provide the highest quality of workmanship, meeting agreed delivery dates and executing the custom made work exactly in accordance with the customer's concept. Like Master Upholstery core services consist of the re upholstering of all types and style of furniture's include auto upholstery, custom upholstery, marine upholstery, reupholster vinyl and leather tears and undefined material. Like Master Upholstery is positively positioned to compete in the Wellington market for upholstery services to the Pacific Communities and the Wellington region as a whole. To serve its customers, we begin by providing a comprehensive estimate of all job components, including the cost of labor, the amount of fabric required and estimated turnaround time for completion and delivery. No job is too difficult. We cover all upholstery services; boat, motor-home, caravan squabs and furniture restoration. Master Upholstery marketing strategy concentrates on building strong brand awareness and increasing referrals through word of mouth and direct sales. We will target the private Pacific market through distinct marketing activities including advertising public relations and community engagement. We will target commercial customers through relationship, marketing, direct sales and website development. At the same time, we will continue to promote itself to all potential customer groups through networking and referrals from current customers. Our highly experienced professional team can take care of your furniture's every need. No job is too difficult. Know that you are working with the best upholsterer in Wellington. Master Upholstery aims to position itself as a one place for both modern and traditional Polynesia including Maori design for upholstery. The business is positively positioned to compete in the regional market for upholstery services. Master Upholstery has the marked advantage of building its marketing efforts upon the established reputation of itself and community. The beginnings of a 'Master Upholstery' brand have already been established through the board, friends, and past and current customers.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We are family business that not just doing everyday business but love to give back to the community. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Upholstery; and offering customer excellent values and services, competitive prices as well as the added benefit of supporting the training and employment of the community. We believe our business will searching for opportunities to support communities, able to teach others in the industry, aiding the Pasifika communities for seasonal workers, supporting communities development and always helping people who wanted to get their job done that provide help in financial and support with anything that can make a different to people's life. As a family - we always love to help people as we believe.

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