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Entrant: The HQ

City: Auckland


About My Business

Hey, Laura here!!! Shh... secretly I am an accountant but instead of sticking to my life in corporate, I follow my heart with The HQ. I love creating beauty from simplicity using my art to evoke feelings in people. The HQ was born from the idea of matching any item you wear on a daily basis with your beloved ones. Scrunchies, masks, headbands, watch straps, bandanas, earrings, hair bows and scarves, you name it! We are proud that the simplest makes you the happiest with the premium fabric quality, the carefulness of craftsmanship, the "lifestyle" of the design, and more importantly the "incredible love" we bring to you and your significant others.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Covid has so many impacts and disruption to our normal life, separating families, friends, neighbors and it's a good time for us to re-connect. At The HQ, I fully understand the important role of bonding and connection with people has passed your life, your mom, your dad, your partner, your friend, your neighbor. In every single product I make, I have love, I have an effort to bring you to connect with others in simple ways. Your mom wears a mask matching your dad's mask. Your furry friend has a bandana to match him with your scrunchie. You tie your hair with a bow coordinating with your friend's watch strap. People have a lot of ways to build a network, relationship, connection with others and having The HQ is one of the simplest ways to show your love for your significant others. My core of business has always been around CONNECTION and that means a lot to me as a business owner

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