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Entrant: ESG Strategy

City: Auckland


About My Business

I am Lee Stewart and in 2022 I founded ESG Strategy to help steer organisations towards tangible, measurable success with environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies. There is a global shortage of experienced ESG professionals (Dec 2022, EY Global Sustainable Value Survey), yet organisations face escalating consumer, legislative and moral demands to define their approach towards a vast array of domains and objectives. These include climate change, for example, reaching net zero carbon emissions, water scarcity, community engagement, workplace diversity and inclusion, responsible procurement and much more. The task is enormous, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. To help organisations meet the challenges, I have developed a mentoring strategy. I work alongside organisations to help them nurture and develop ESG competencies from within. I am well qualified to spearhead this mission with 20 years' experience working across Australia, UK, Japan and New Zealand in start-ups, as a consultant, and within large multinationals. I am a qualified climate reality speaker and mentor, trained by Al Gore. I worked for global IT company Fujitsu as Regional Head of Sustainability and had the honour of being the only non-Japanese employee on the global sustainability team who regularly reported to the Fujitsu president in Tokyo. Most recently, I was Head of Sustainability at Fonterra leading a team responsible for setting the sustainability strategy, ambition, communication, governance, and climate related disclosures. ESG Strategy offers practical tools to clients: an insightful market scan and competitor analysis. I assess an organisation's current capabilities and provide an unfiltered view of their position relative to market, consumer and governmental expectations and demands. I also bring data-driven insights into future trends for my clients' industry sectors, enabling the development of roadmaps and innovations. Most ESG professionals focus on a specific area of expertise within the environmental, social, governance framework. My competitive advantage is deep knowledge and experience across the entire framework. I work at senior board level, and I assist at a grassroots level. Recently I assisted the Kingdom of Tonga with developing their Zero Waste Strategy and community-based initiatives which are helping them to recover from the 2022 eruption and tsunami. Equally I work with large businesses to define a workable ESG framework and external validation, to set targets and goals, and focus on the issues that matter. I assess board capabilities and roles and help clients anticipate future legal, customer, and consumer expectations, safeguarding their long-term success. My personal whakatauki which is very much aligned the David Awards is: He iti te mokoroa nāna te kahikatea i kakati - Even the small can make a big impact on the big. Ngā Mihi and thanks for reading my application, Lee Stewart

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

In a world aching for change, ESG Strategy serves as a guidepost for those eager to make a difference. By voting for me in the people's choice awards you are endorsing a movement that transcends commerce, prioritising the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants affirming the potential of an individual to drive change.

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