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Entrant: HERBI.NZ

City: Waitara


About My Business

We love helping Kiwis grow and garden healthier and smarter, in any environment, with our range of soil and plant food. At HERBI.NZ our mission is to help you grow better with less, without compromising quality - it's healthier growing, without pesticides, made easier for anyone. Our range of premium soil and plant food products will support you to grow organic, spray-free, healthy fruit and vegetables, or any type of plant/crop - whether you're growing outside, inside, hydroponically, in soil garden beds, pots, or greenhouses. HERBI.NZ is 100% NZ owned and operated. Based in Taranaki, we're continuously expanding our products, investing in further research and trials, to supply more local growers, gardeners and selected retailers, with premium soil and plant food in a market dominated by big corporations. We're encouraged by the hundreds of independently verified reviews - with an average rating of 4.99/5 - that can be found on our website, or on retailer's online shops. HERBI.NZ Managing Director Frank is a science geek and technology nerd, with an entrepreneurial background, who has developed our range of hydroponic nutrients and fertilisers, alongside all-natural soil and plant food blends for better growing in any medium. All Herbi products are successfully tested and developed in New Zealand, by growers for growers. Happy Growing :)

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

HERBI.NZ deserves your vote because it's a small, but successful business going up against big corporations to empower Kiwis to grow healthier and smarter, without pesticides, with its range of soil and plant food. Together we, Frank and Michelle Lachmann, started HERBI.NZ, because we love growing spray-free fruit and vegetables. We're working parents with a passion for growing to support better health and lifestyles. We've entered the David Awards because each day we feel like David, up against many Goliaths. The fertiliser and pesticide industry is ruled by a few of the biggest global corporations, which lobby governments and universities. However, the worldwide trend to organic and regenerative farming is gaining momentum, and we're convinced New Zealand is at the beginning of a great journey. At HERBI.NZ it's our mission to empower Kiwis to grow better, enjoy healthier plants and produce, supporting themselves, their whanau and the planet, however they grow - in a garden bed, pot, hydroponically, or a greenhouse. We're overwhelmed by the awesome feedback and reviews of Herbi's soil and plant food products - 4.99/5 is the average rating - so HERBI.NZ has entered the 2023 David Awards for the People's Choice Award. At HERBI.NZ it's our mission to: Empower Kiwi growers & gardeners: we've published and shared free tutorials about growing healthy plants and produce at home, using a simple hydroponic set-up in drums, pots or containers, or a no-dig garden bed, with Herbi's All Natural range and Herbi's hydroponic nutrients, Hydro Nutes. Innovation: Our co-founder Frank regularly conducts trials and extensive research into global growing trends to ensure we're providing you with the best soil and plant food around. Long-term vision: We want Herbi products to support kai resilience and sustainable, healthy growing for you, your whanau, and our planet. By voting for HERBI.NZ, you're endorsing a NZ-owned and operated company that's empowering our kai resilience by enabling Kiwis to grow healthy and sustainably, with premium soil and plant food, for optimum results. Vote for HERBI.NZ - Growth for Life Thank you so much - Happy Growing 💚

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