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Entrant: Animal Kingdoms Toy Store

City: Auckland


About My Business

When we started our journey with Animal Kingdoms Toy Store, we had just $300 in our pocket, and a dream. The goal was simple yet exciting - build a business that brought our family closer filled with fun and joy. Today, six years later, that dream is our everyday life! Animal Kingdoms has become more than a business; it's the heartbeat of our family, an adventure we embark on together. Every day is filled with collaboration, laughter, and of course, the fun of toys. It's our family's little way of making big dreams come true. But our mission isn't just about us. We're all about giving our customers - the wonderful families of New Zealand - a truly great experience. To us, that means focusing on toys that aren't just fun, but are also of high quality and long-lasting. After all, we believe in toys that can be a part of your family memories for years to come. Our journey has been an adventure, and we're so proud to have achieved so much, and more importantly, to have been able to serve New Zealand families.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

At Animal Kingdoms, our mission has always been clear: provide families with a joyful, stress-free toy shopping experience. Forget about chasing sales - we've got everyday low prices to keep budgets happy and faces smiling. We set out to counter the disposable toy culture, focusing on quality, lasting toys that become more than just playthings - they become part of the family. Despite New Zealand's smaller population, we didn't let that limit our range. We joined forces with top-notch suppliers to offer Kiwi families the full suite of our chosen brands, making our toy landscape richer and more exciting. Animal Kingdoms isn't just a business for us - it's our family's passion project. Building a fun-filled venture alongside my partner was a dream, and what could be more exciting than a toy store! Fast forward to today, we're thrilled to say we've turned that dream into reality. Each day, we pour our passion into our family-run toy store, eagerly sharing the joy of play with Kiwi families. Your vote for us means more than just support - it's validation that we're making a difference. Knowing that our hard work brings joy and value to families like ours motivates us to do even better. It's a reminder that we're all in this together, creating happier, more rewarding experiences one toy at a time.

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