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Entrant: Herrick Creek Distillery

City: Christchurch


About My Business

Inspired by Tom's Canadian heritage and the legendary moose that may still inhabit Fiordland, his mission is to create small batch, North American styled, but uniquely New Zealand spirits, inspired by the tales of what happened in and around Herrick Creek. Through trial and error, and by channelling his great-grandfather (who allegedly smuggled liquor across the Canadian border into the USA during prohibition), Tom has created a range of award-winning moonshine, corn-based whisky, and gin. Moonshine is basically corn-based whiskey that hasn't spent time in a barrel. No one else in New Zealand is making corn whiskey. Through Herrick Creek, Tom wants to bring a taste of his old home to his adopted homeland, and show New Zealand that there is more to whisky, vodka and gin than just barley. Herrick Creek is most famous for its moonshine! With award-winning flavours like maple, cinnamon, and apple pie, Herrick Creek's moonshine can be sipped neat, or added in place of vodka in your favourite cocktail. At 57% ABV, Nine Fathoms Navy Strength Gin is an acquired taste, but loved by many for its intense mix of nine locally-sourced botanicals, and for being one of only a handful of gins that is made entirely from grain to spirit, instead of buying in the alcohol. Good things take time - time in a barrel, that is. At least 2 years! Herrick Creek whisky is made in very small batches. In 2022, Herrick Creek officially released New Zealand's first ever corn whiskey, Dusky. It didn't last long, and the second release is set for August 2023. The corn used in the spirits is all from New Zealand. While Herrick Creek uses corn from local commercial growers like Gladfield Malt, Tom is also putting in the hard yards to grow his own. In time, you can expect to see whisky made with weird, wonderful, near extinct heritage varieties of corn that Tom is growing on a plot of land in North Canterbury, in conjunction with his Young Farmers Club. Finally, Herrick Creek is putting a kiwi twist on American classics. Some in the States would say it's unconventional, but Tom is importing barrels of Bourbon and whisky from the USA, before adding the whisky to New Zealand red wine barrels. This practice of 'finishing' whisky imparts new flavours, creating a unique spirit that you can't find anywhere else. At its core, Herrick Creek is a Christchurch-based, craft distillery, creating a range of award-winning spirits that people are loving, and it's all run by one man.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We're Herrick Creek Distillery, your local distillery that has brought moonshine, a distinctive spirit steeped in tradition, straight from the American backwoods to our Kiwi shores. And it's not just moonshine; we handcraft whisky and gin as well, all made from scratch using locally grown corn. In our distillery nestled in Christchurch, we're reviving lost heritage corn varieties, growing them with the help of our community, and turning them into spectacular spirits. The result? An incredible range of unique, flavourful, and affordable spirits that pay homage to tradition while embracing our Kiwi identity. And here's the best part ' we do all of this in-house. From selecting the corn and the local fruit juices to the distilling, ageing, and even bottling ' every step is carried out by us, ensuring absolute quality and authenticity. Our moonshine is becoming increasingly popular, not just because of its smooth, delicious taste, but also because of its affordability and its charming mason jar presentation. Yet, it doesn't stop there. We have limited-release whiskies and gins that are a testament to our craft, and an 'Explorer Series' that brings you unique spirits from around the world, finished right here in New Zealand. What started as a hobby in a garage has turned into a passion to share high-quality, distinctive, and local spirits with you. We're not a massive corporate distillery; we're your neighbours, your friends, and we're committed to bringing the spirit of New Zealand to your glass. So, why vote for Herrick Creek? Because we're proof that good spirits come from authenticity, hard work, local produce, and a dash of Kiwi ingenuity. Support local. Support quality. Support authenticity. Cast your vote for Herrick Creek ' where every sip tells our story.

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