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Entrant: Quirky Campers NZ

City: Auckland


About My Business

Quirky Campers NZ is primarily a campervan rental company specialising in unique, beautiful, handcrafted campervans. It's run by me ' Leanne ' and my husband Dan. We make money by deducting a % from the total customer booking value as commission, to cover our services and make a profit. And our lovely van owners get to share their creations and make money from their asset rather than having it sat on the driveway in between their own trips. Quirky Campers actually started in the UK back in 2010 by another husband-and-wife team. Dan and I were researching ideas for our own van conversion at the time (our ex-ambulance 'Ivan') when we stumbled across Quirky and loved the concept' so what started as design inspiration turned into a starting a new campervan rental business here in NZ ' and a sideline in converting vans for Dan! We launched Quirky Campers NZ in October 2019, just five months before the borders closed due to Covid. Terrible timing! But we were blessed to be supported by NZ'ers throughout the first few years' and we've had the honour of being part of many milestone celebrations. Despite the lockdowns we've grown year on year and when the borders re-opened last year things went crazy in a good way! We started with 3 vans and currently have 22 for hire. What makes us different to other peer-to-peer campervan rental platforms is that we're selective (vans have to make the grade!) and we control our growth to meet demand so that our van owners get the level of bookings they want. We also pride ourselves on being pet-friendly (not just pet-tolerant) and we're known for our thoughtful details and great customer service. As well as renting out campervans we also love to support people who want to own or build their own little bach-on-wheels. We have a directory of professional converters from across NZ, run a very active Facebook group called Self-Build Campervans New Zealand (with over 20k members), and host virtual workshops on 'how-to' topics like selecting a base vehicle, designing your layout, heating and cooling. Quirky really seems to fit with the Kiwi psyche ' whether it's people creating their own gorgeous piece of wheel-estate or hiring one to explore our beautiful backyard. And we're proving very popular with overseas visitors too!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Quirky Campers NZ celebrates Kiwi ingenuity and creativity, connecting the owners of beautiful, handcrafted campervans with local and international travellers who want to hire them. While the vans are often based in our larger cities, when they hit the road they travel the length and breadth of Aotearoa which means they contribute to distributing the tourism dollar around the country. Our van owners get the opportunity to share their conversions while making extra income ' and our customers never cease to charm us with their road trip pics and stories. We'd like to be voted as The People's Choice because we're a small player in a big market, doing it with style and an unrelenting focus on care for our van owners and hiring customers. I'm thinking of the time that a sliding door of one of the vans came off its runner in the night in Kuaotunu' way up on the Coromandel Peninsula. With no-one around to help lift the heavy door back into place ' and the two female customers unable to close the door (in order to sleep or drive anywhere) and feeling quite vulnerable, Dan jumped in the car and drove 3 hours from Auckland to fix the issue. It only took about 10 mins to get the door sliding properly again and then he drove the 3 hours back. Despite the unfortunate incident we got rave reviews from those customers. We love to go the extra mile to make holidays special' like popping in a bottle of bubbly for honeymooners or hiding a present for a young traveller celebrating their birthday. And we particularly enjoy seeing people bring their furry friends on their trips. We don't charge any extra for pets ' no scary security deposit or cleaning fee ' and it makes our day to see hirers so happy they can bring the whole family! Despite some challenging years during Covid, we're proud that we've been able to give something back too. We've made donations to St. Johns Ambulance and given away 3-night trips as prizes to raise funds for local charities and to recognise the efforts of our nurses on the frontline during Covid. Go Quirky!

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