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Entrant: White Cloud Internships

City: Auckland


About My Business

White Cloud Internships was set up as a limited liability company in 2018. Its purpose was to create a business that supported organizations working for society in disability, early childhood education, aged-care, mental health, troubled youth. It does this by bringing into NZ, students from Northern Europe studying social work, teaching, psychology and social education who are required to successfully complete an international internship as part of their qualification. The interns arrive and stay in White Cloud high quality accommodation. Unlike other internship providers in NZ, we specialize only in the named sectors, and we provide a range of additional services. While the intern/s are supervised on site by host supervisors, White Cloud teams additionally provide academic supervision. Our team are multi-lingual and have often completed the same or more advanced qualifications in the same area from Northern Europe. We provide pastoral care during their stay to help them enjoy a transformational journey in their studies, life experiences and personal growth. A strong belief in the business model and purpose compelled a "never give up attitude" and in Sept 2022, the borders were partially reopened after Covid shutdown for the visa category that applied to interns. During the Covid period, the directors reworked the business plan, terms of reference were updated, universities hosts and prospective interns were continually advised of our circumstances and our resolute intention to return to even better service delivery and support when the world settled. Currently we have five new fully occupied homes for the interns, have new additional contracts entered into for supply, have retained all previous hosts except for one that failed during the Covid period, have an unprecedented internship pipeline for the foreseeable future and are the preferred internship company in NZ for a number of European universities because of the level of support that we provide, which those academic staff have experienced by their own NZ visits. We are a preferred provider for , and in one case the only overseas provider

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