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Entrant: Funk with food

City: Waikanae


About My Business

Funk with food is a business of two chefs with the love of bacon and a passion for food! We have crafted a unique gourmet high meat content condiment. Funk with food manufactures and produces Bacon jam and Bacon Relish in four different flavours for retail and wholesale, for the home cooks and chefs and bacon lovers in between.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We believe you should vote for F*nk with food because Funk with food is the love child of two chefs with the love of Bacon, a passion for good food and a wicked sense of humour. We have dedicated our lives to the hospitality industry and have decided to follow a new adventure. To deliver you a high quality gourmet condiments to make anyone a chef, adding funk to your lives and with our entertaining sense of humour a smile along the way. We have great dreams and aspirations for our business to bring more ranges of products. We will bring education on how to use and celebrate these products through various channels with our unique sense of humour. We are committed to our brand and passionate about our products. So Vote for us and come along on our journey to f*nk things up a bit.

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