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Entrant: Gigglepuss Confectionery

City: Auckland


About My Business

Gigglepuss Confectionery started as a way to cheer up my friends during lockdown and exploded into a nostalgic lollyshop that reminds us of what it was like growing up in New Zealand. Our retro tins and packs are sold throughout NZ in gift shops and design stores and through our website.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

I work a full time job, get home after an hour and half bus ride and start working on my business. I design all the labels, pack all the products, order the supplies, do all marketing and social media and build the relationships with customers and retailers. My new husband thinks he's all thumbs so 'can't help' (which is actually true) and my older teens say they are 'too busy' (translation: sleeping and mooching off me financially) to help. The cat just looks at me like he's above all that. I believe in the business and love the feedback and relationships Ive made. I have also added the odd 'love handle' from eating too many of the profits. That is a selfless sacrifice Ive been willing to make to make sure the lollies taste amazing. 😆 As my big thumbed husband says 'you ARE the business'. It is my personality, my quirkiness and my sense of humour.

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