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Entrant: Hardcases

City: Auckland


About My Business

Hardcases deals with harassment and bullying issues in organisations. The Human Rights Act requires all organisations to have the 3 best steps in place to proactively share information and awareness about harassment and bullying prevention, and then to deal with it at the most appropriate (hopefully the lowest possible) level. These 3 steps that I enable in organisations are 1. having a modern and contemporary policy ' not just a paragraph in a contract or house rules 2. having a set of specific procedures ' a support network facilitated by a coordinator and 3. training throughout for staff, leaders and the support network. These are tricky times and to this end, I have developed a 20 minute e-learning training module on what harassment and bullying is 'and isn't - and the toxic effects it can have on a complainant, a respondent, a whole team, and an organisational culture. The module is used by some as a prelude to face-to-face training and by others as a post- training assimilation tool. The purpose is to build an awareness of the dynamics of difference. Today's workplace is an intricate tapestry of multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-stylistic threads. Participants can explore, share and compare their own attitudes, values and beliefs around diversity, discrimination, bullying and harassment in a relaxed and informal manner. It can be individualised to an organisation's colours, characters and logos etc. Once someone has done the module, they tick the box and this is the record of who has completed the training. Fingers crossed, all should be well, but if not, I manage straight-forward, relaxed but firm trouble shooting and problem solving with the client.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

The e-learning module is NZ based and therefore makes sense and is recognisable to people who live and work in NZ. It is fun and relaxed and informal so that schools can also take advantage of the ease of the module. Developing the module brought two distinctly different organisations together to work collaboratively with each other and me to improve and progress their own organisational cultures where staff can feel safe, happy and well, therefore be more creative, more innovative and more productive. It develops 'human' relationships at work which enables people to be more committed and loyal to that organisation. There is nothing else like it on the market. It's built for 'us', all of us. It makes learning about a complex and common dynamic easy, it's engaging and nonthreatening, reassuring and lightly and deeply informed and informative. The people would love it.

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