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Entrant: Elite Left Limited

City: Christchurch


About My Business

It's a right-handed world, right? Right! But what about the 10% of the population that are left-handed? Surely they can use right-handed equipment just as easily, right? Wrong! If you're struggling in a right-handed world, you are not alone. I'm Alyson and I'm left-handed. My business, Elite Left Limited, sells a wide range of left-handed goods. From school and office stationery to kitchen and garden equipment, there is something for every left-hander, for any age. Being left-handed can be a struggle. It can be frustrating to use equipment that is always upside down or not fit or safe for left-hand use. I sell the correct tools for left-handers, meaning the products are ergonomic, comfortable and safe to use. They can reduce frustration, lessen wrist/hand fatigue and improve handwriting. For left-handed children, studies have shown that using left-handed products can be exceptionally advantageous to their development. As well as the advantages mentioned above, using left-handed equipment can also increase confidence (stress is taken away and the child feels more included and confident) and speed (the child can write faster and more efficiently, as they don't have to adjust their grip or position). For people who were predominantly right-handed but now find themselves needing to use their left hand, either temporary or permanently, ergonomic left-handed goods can not only be beneficial but also empower their journey towards recovery and general well-being. Products are much easier on the hand and wrist, making them much more comfortable and easier to use. Remember, you are not doing it wrong; you're just not using a left-handed version. Elite Left is here to help and is solving problems in a right-handed world!

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

I'm left-handed and have always struggled with right-handed goods. For this reason, I decided to help other left-handers by launching Elite Left in October 2021. Elite Left sells ergonomic left-handed goods, and my vision is to have my left-handed products available in all schools around New Zealand. I am also very keen to have my products available through disability organisations and occupational therapists as tools for unlocking accessibility, independence and for aiding people in their journey towards recovery. Since I launched Elite Left, I have had fantastic feedback from the left-handed community. I have some loyal customers who come back regularly, and also have some amazing reviews which I have posted on my website and social media. I am currently raising awareness about my brand and how left-handed goods are a necessity. In my spare time, I am presenting my products at schools and disability sectors including the Stroke Foundation. I am attending my first events from September 2023, including the Women's Expo and Nurtured Ones (for children). I have also been asked to attend a schools resources conference in Auckland called 'Imagine It', which I am extremely excited about. I pride myself on the quality of my products and my customer service. I believe outstanding service can really make a difference for the customer. Whenever I receive an email from a customer asking if I can find a left-handed version of a product, I try my best to find it for them. To name a few, these are some of the items I have started to sell after receiving a request from customers: dressmaking scissors and tape measures; diaries; and PC keyboards. I go above and beyond for Elite Left. It is my passion to help the left-handed community; to service my customers; and to bring to New Zealand a better understanding of the needs for left-handers everywhere. I post regularly on social media, and I have written blogs relating to left-handedness. As well as brochures, I have also written an informative booklet entitled 'The Advantages of Left-Handed Product Use in Children' as I believe there is a strong need for left-handed children to be given the resources they require to perform tasks just as well as right-handed children in the classroom and at home. I'm passionate about my business. Being left-handed, I believe there is a real need for ergonomic left-handed goods in the community, and I am incredibility motivated to make Elite Left a household name.

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