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Entrant: Payroll Matters Limited

City: North Shore


About My Business

Payroll Matters provides payroll auditing, payroll outsourcing and payroll advice for Employers. We love all things payroll ' so you don't need too. Payroll Matters ' chartered accountant led and the only specialist payroll auditor in New Zealand ' was established to cater to the challenges of increasing complexity in payroll technology, compliance and regulations, as well as the issues posed by new trends in flexibility and mobility in the workforce. Mistakes happen in Payroll. Sometimes they are very public, often they are expensive, and they always result in reputational damage. Payroll is not a "DIY" task. It is not an 'Admin' task. It is a specialised task due to New Zealand's complicated legislation (not all of which has been judicially tested.) Big or small, nobody is above the law and ignorance is no excuse. The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) will prosecute whether errors were a genuine mistake or an oversight. The number of Labour inspectors has doubled, and employees are encouraged to dob you in. MBIE audits can also be random. Don't take a chance with your payroll. Talk to Payroll Matters about getting your payroll in good order. Payroll Audit: We offer a bespoke comprehensive payroll review to re-assure employers their payroll is compliant with the relevant NZ legislation, that employees are working and being paid as per their employment agreement and that they are keeping adequate records. Should we discover any discrepancies or errors that have occurred we calculate the value of the correction required, we document findings and recommend solutions and updates to payroll processes. In some instances, to better manage your payroll obligations, we may recommend a change in software and assist you to effectively implement it. Employers can sleep easy knowing they have received from Payroll Matters a: 1) Comprehensive Payroll Examination 2) Legal Compliance Verification 3) Accuracy Assurance 4) Identification of Costs Savings 5) Employee Classification Review 6) Reporting and Recommendations 7) Confidentiality and Data Security 8) Customised Solutions Payroll Outsource: Payroll is not a "DIY" task, it is complicated and requires a specialist. We will run your payroll for you taking care of all facets of payroll including Mondayisation, leave payments and all IRD reporting. Payroll Advice, for a nominal fee you can pick up the phone and consult an expert on solutions to your payroll challenges. Our expertise is a safe pair of hands for you. Payroll can be complicated and as situations with your employees evolve, change to work pattern, parental leave etc you need to realise you can't rely on technology alone to deliver on your payroll obligations. Ultimately anybody who has a payroll is advised to have their payroll independently checked because mistakes do happen and tiny mistakes compound. In a time when business leaders, particularly directors, face massive liabilities if a payroll issue arises, a payroll audit is something you cannot afford not to do. An audited payroll is an opportunity to communicate with your team that you have had an external review and they can rest assured they are being paid correctly. One of the most positive things you can do for the morale and culture of your team.

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